In case there's still a person out there who is shocked by the runaway success of the Angry Birds series, secure your monocle and try this news on for size: According to a recent tweet from Rovio, Angry Birds Space has been downloaded over ten million times in three days. Now, before you go multiplying that ten million by ninety nine cents, consider that Rovio has been historically vague with the platforms their download figures are from. Angry Birds Space launched as a 99¢ iPhone version, a $2.99 iPad version, and a free ad-supported Android version. Free versions of anything seem to be downloaded exponentially more than apps with a price tag, so it doesn't seem that far out there to assume that a hefty chunk of those downloads came from the Android side of the fence, but still.

If you still haven't downloaded Angry Birds Space for whatever reason, check out our review. The game is seriously just phenomenal, and as I've spent more time with the game I've been having an absolute blast attempting to three star the 99¢ IAP "Danger Zone" ultra-difficult levels. If anyone from Rovio is reading this, please keep releasing level packs like this. Heck, make 'em more difficult, I dare you.

  • Cat Astrophy

    Let this be a lesson to those who hate on Zygna. You can't blame them for trying to copy every popular game when Rovio did the same thing (Crush the Castle) and made out like bandits (the space bird icon is a bit ironic here).

    • Eli Hodapp

      By that logic Crush the Castle copied every other artillery-style shooting game going all the way back to the 1976 release of Artillery for the Tektronix 405x.

      • Cat Astrophy

        I never said Crush the Castle should be rich like Rovio or is high-and-mighty, etc. Just tired of the hypocrisy of people complaining about unoriginal game design when they're totally still feeding those machines.

    • Nate

      How many times are you going to leave the same comment about Crush the Castle, and comparing Rovio to Zynga?  Doesn't it get old?

      • Cat Astrophy

        About as old as the Zygna flames every time they get a mention on the front page. For some reason some people just have to be told the same thing over and over when they continue to make the same mistakes until something finally clicks.

    • Homer423

      I hate Zygna because they try too hard to get people to buy their in app purchases.

      Their Texas hold 'em app is extremely rigged, where the odds of winning in the game greatly decreases as you get more chips, because they want you buy more chips.

  • Jeremy Krall

    No thanks to Apple promoting the app on the home page of over 123 different stores I am sure. We all know how New & Noteworthy affects sales, but taking the flagship position in the iTunes App store in that many countries probably helped a bit. Next time Apple should just drop them into Games like everyone else and see how it goes. It is sad how many amazing games users will never get a chance to play because of the editorial favoritism game.

    • Raptor

      Both versions (HD and non-HD) of ABS were #1 on the AppStore charts about 3 hours after release....BEFORE they were promoted by Apple.

      • Jeremy Krall

        Absolutely true but the top paid, free, and grossing are driven on a continuous cycle so sales of 10k or so of a particular application can move you to the top of the charts fairly quickly. We have seen clients hit the top 10 on some days with only 1k paid installs. That's a far cry from 10m.

  • Andrew Ryan Singer

    I downloaded this game on day one and I got Danger Zone and I didn't have to pay for it. I don't know how that happened but I am on level two of Danger Zone. Is that weird or what?

  • Slerba Slerssen

    I, too, downloaded it free for my Android. The game doesn't start, but crashes immediately, though.