For all the attempts, there still isn't a great monster training RPG on iPhone or iPad. Callis Projects might be the first studio to accomplish such a thing, if the slick appearance of Zenforms is any indication of content quality. Zenoforms: Protectors is a traditional Pokemon-alike, seemingly sporting a similar story, presentation method, combat system, and structure. Its evolution model seems to be its biggest departure: each pocket monster, or Zenform, has five stages it can hit if enough "skill points" are used.

Here's some screens:

Our forums have been all over this since the beginning of the year, and that specific thread has a ton of assets to share. The game also has a tremendous web site with even more nitty-gritty. We're currently contacting Callis to see what's up, and hey, learn when the game is due to hit iPhone. Stay tuned and check out the game's media while you wait. Lookin' good, man.

Are you having GDC 2012 flashbacks, by the way? At the event, we saw another Pokemon-alike going by the name of My! My! Monsters. It has a strikingly similar look to Zenforms, and while the build that we saw was rough, it looks like a real contender in the space, too. It's interesting see two in-development titles like this jockeying for the same position. We'll definitely be keeping our eyes on both to see who the real master will be.

  • phonecats

    Monster Tamer HD came out on iPad.
    battleheart x pokemon = _________

    • Eli Hodapp

      Oh really.

  • ianlogsdon

    lets not forget that Dragon Island game that is also being worked on. Can't wait for one of these things to drop!

  • Zakoth Xard

    I believe he said March but I think it was delayed.


  • SpacePenguinBot

    I'm not a big fan of the originals, but did they really have to cut so close? I know the original will never come out on iOS, but they could've tried to be just a little more original than this.

    • Stephen McVicker

      Read up about the game before making that comment. It has A LOT of it's own features. I've been developing the game for 2 years. 

    • Nicole Hunter

      I think this has plenty of original features.  Just because it's doing an adequate job of filling the poke-void, doesn't mean it's not original.

  • Steve

    I agree... with the talent it takes to make games I'd think they would have been able to come up with something more original,  this looks like a total rip-off.

  • Jaywu

    agreed, thats what i was thinking, plus surely everyone still interested in playing pokemon owns it on a ds/waiting for a 3ds version. no ones waiting/wanting for a ios version....are they.

    • Stephen McVicker

      Didn't the fake Pokemon Yellow App become the number 2 paid app?

      • xednix xxx

         Probably because people thought that is the official version/real pokemon game. Zenform is entirely different game.

      • Stephen McVicker

        His point was no one is wanted a pokemon game on iOS because they are waiting for the DS/3DS versions - which is proven wrong by the fake pokemon yellow iOS app.

    • Nicole Hunter

      They definitely are.  The people who want pokemon have a DS.  You have to look at the casual gamers though too.  I know plenty of casual gamers who would love a pokemon-esque game on ios, and would never buy a DS because they just wouldn't use it for more than one game.  There's a market for it.  Just because I like pokemon and have a DS doesn't mean I would be against ios pokemon.  I'd welcome it as long as it wasn't an either or situation.

      • Hunter

         I don't have a DS or anything i have a computer and just find games to fill the void until games like zenforms, micromonsters, etc. come out on ios

  • matthew wood

    nothing like pokemon, theres black people.

    • Fluffeh

      Someone needs to play gen 5.

      • Nicole Hunter

        Well you can't be a black person in gen 5 so his point stands not to be a troll.  

  • Stephen McVicker

    Oh wow. Cheers guys (Neo-Dragon - creator here).
    Delighted to see a post here. A big chunk of our fans come from this site's forum, so I'm delighted to see this post.

    To everyone commenting, I'd say just give the game a chance. The video is pretty old. It's from a really old build. Check out the game and read the posts. The game is a lot different then pokemon and other monster style games because of the concepts in it. 

    If you ever want to contact me, we have a thread here, or just send "Neo-Dragon" a PM here or on the CP forum!

  • Buubuu001

    Considering we're looking at an alpha build it looks pretty awesome. I wish I could've seen the battle itself so I tried looking for it on YouTube. No luck. I did, however, see the evolution clip. I like that they evolve 5 forms. I was wondering though, is there a cap limit to each evolutionary stage? It seemed like the user was just dumping points into the newborn form without evolving it then pushed the evo to adult without putting any stat points into it any more. My other question is, are the crystals used to capture vary on the "strength" of the zenforms or is it something entirely different? The game looks great. I love catch'em games and hope to play this soon!

    • Stephen McVicker

      Thanks man. There is no limit on the stats needed to evolve. Evolution costs Skill Points, and you can spend them whenever you want. I designed it with the iPhone play-style in mind. I hate games that make you wait real time for something to happen. So I wanted that if you have a ZENFORM and have the points to grow it, you can at any time through the ZENFORM menu. For crystals, there is crystals that have capture bonus' and stuff. I'll hopefully have a video up soon on capturing. 

      • Alex

         Any chance you could give us a release date? Cause i'm stoked for this game.

      • Stephen McVicker

        Cheers man. Honestly, I wish I could say what the release date was. I had some problems in February and it pretty much stalled the game's development ALL of that month. But I'm working hard on it and as soon as I can, I'll be letting everyone know!

      • Buubuu001

        Awesome. I like that. Real time has its uses, maybe in day and night cycles or date related (kinda like how animal crossing had used it) but more often than not, real time wore out its welcome. thanks for the reply!

      • Stephen McVicker

        We have a day/night cycle and an in-game clock. It's not based on real time though. It can be changed from events in the story and when playing 1 game minute is 5 seconds real time.

      • Flare_TM

         Keep up the good work mate, looks promising

  • Ben Greggor

    This isn't going to be another game which relies heavily on In-App-Purchases is it? I hate those games which are so slooooow unless you pay your way thru it. Be majorly disappointed if this goes down that road where it's hard to make real progress without forking out money all the time..

    • Buubuu001

      well in a way it could go that way. I mean monster packs could be purchased kinda like getting a new pokemon game but instead of a cartridge its a download pack. games like pokemon are notoriously grind heavy anyway so slow would be in how we would consider how much willing we are to grind for skill points. I know what you mean by slow though and even sometimes bordering on unfair without making in app purchases.

    • Stephen McVicker

      Hmmm. I replied but I think because I put a link in the post, it wants a mod to approve it. Hopefully it gets approved soon. The link was to the Calis Projects forum "Questions" thread. It's great to read to see answers to questions like this. No, there will be no IAPs in the game. I don't think it's right to charge people extra money. I'm not a big studio. As long as I have money to live, I'm happy lol. You'll pay the price of the app (which will be about $3) and that's it.

      • Ben Greggor

        Good stuff, thanks for the reply mate and can't wait for the release!

  • Hayden Gnome Slayer

    Hey buddy is there any way i could get a beta test? Ive got experience in testing..

  • Alex

    Just curious, where do the names of the "Zenforms" come from? I mean with Pokemon they seemed kinda obvious. With this it's just like you came up with some random sounding JRPG monster names. 

    • Stephen McVicker

      Ha, of course... This game is developed by an Irish Person- me- so it's not influenced by Japanese culture.  The name ties into the whole game. The "form" part is for the creatures and reflects how they branch evolve and change "form". "Zen" is part-influenced by the the Zen belief system. ZENFORMS come from crystals with power given to them by the planet's core. This has built up some wisdom in the game world's belief system and the Protectors, especially the Grand Protectors are like buddhist monks. 

  • NeonVoidJP

    Anymore news on this yet?? Any sign of a release date? I can't wait to get playing this!!