Cubemen is a new strategic tower defense game that launched on Steam last week, and it will be launching on the Mac and iOS App Stores simultaneously next week. The coolest part about this? There is cross-platform multiplayer that let's players duke it out online with each other no matter which of these versions they're playing.

In addition to the multiplayer aspect, Cubemen just looks like a pretty sweet game anyway. It's a sort-of tower defense game but with a much more fluid design than most due to the ability to move your defense units around at will. There's a large single-player component that features 28 levels to play in 5 different modes. You can get a pretty good idea of what Cubemen is all about in the following trailer.

I really like the clean aesthetic in Cubemen, and its fluid unit management and multiple map elevations give it a unique twist on traditional tower defense-style games. The real draw though, I think, will be the cross-platform multiplayer on 22 different skirmish maps (you can play these solo against an AI, too). Cubemen will be iPad 2 or later only, and it will support the Retina Display of the newest iPad. You can get the game on Steam right now for PC or Mac, and we'll be diving in to Cubemen when it hits the App Store on March 29th.

  • mclifford82

    SWEET!  Another tower defense game! 

    • Matt Swainston

      Yes, I thought it looked promising until I saw those 2 fateful words, next!

  • Michelle Fisher

    So iPad 2 or later, eh? Does this mean no iPhone compatibility?

    • Adams Immersive

      Good question. I hope it runs on iPhone too. The UI looks small, so iPad could be the simplest and most direct port for them to try for starters. Still, even if that’s so, you’d think an iPhone/iPod (or Universal) version might follow in future!

      The game looks great.

  • Seon Rozenblum

    No iPhone version guys, sorry. The screen is just too small to play well.

  • Drexiel Tempest

    HAWT! can't wait for the 29th! 😀

  • Derek Traver

    Seon's an awesome dude and the game is great; I got it on Steam. Support!

  • Simon Edis

    Looking forward to playing on the iPad!!