As I mentioned yesterday, I can't get enough of OMGPOP's Draw Something [$2.99 / Free]. All of my iOS device owning Facebook friends seem to be playing it, and we all seem to be equally horrible when it comes to drawing things. The dudes over at IGN, however, apparently are playing games with people who aren't horrible at drawing.

Take a look:

There's even more where those came from. Seeing this sort of talent really makes me wish Draw Something had a better social sharing component, as I'd be great if I could mash a button and automatically tweet one of my drawings, and, in the process, be able to look through the drawings of others.

Have you saved any particularly incredible drawings either of yours or of your opponents in Draw Something? Drop 'em in the comments, I'd love to see them.

  • Jaison Biagini

    those are impressive!  wish the app had a magnify function!!

  • Primoz Menges

    Draw something is on the home page every day... Just wondering how much they pay you for that.

  • FreezeFrozen

    good idea ! I will save the nice pictures I found in game if it happens ... 🙂 

    luv this game 

  • MidianGTX

    Draw Something desperately needs some kind of a zoom feature, so I can put more detail into my drawings when playing on an iPod. I don't think I could match the quality of these examples, but being able to zoom in on some detailed scribblings would drastically improve my skills.

  • James Donnellon

    wow that firefly one is epic! 

  • Matt Roseboom

    Can anyone guess what word I was trying to draw here?:

    • Simba

      Sunburn? without the letters it's really hard to nail it

    • liquidate


    • Raymond


  • shiftdelete   I had some much much better ones.. but just started saving them. I need to play on an ipad. This was done on an iphone 4.

    • Kyle Scroggins

      Ha! Nice job!

  • Rebecca

    What was used to draw these? I usually use my finger and find that it's very hard to make small lines, so I could never have the detail of these.  I don't have that much talent anyway. 😛

  • Sean Yuan

    These are definitely impressive. No doubt these were drawn on the iPad with a stylus or brush though. I have quite a few friends who use their iPad solely for art and have all kinds of different tools for drawing on it. 

    Btw, Zynga bought OMGPOP for $200m today. It was bound to happen. OMGPOP has pretty much been their biggest competitor in online social games for the past few years. Zynga's biggest purchase yet.


    • Steve Kim

      iPad but no brush, all fingers =] you can see the rest of my draws on instagram under fobwashed. Both those up top are mine btw -_-;;

      • Lorenzo

        Your drawings are REALLY good! Do you use a reference?

  • Keng Ho
  • James Preston

    You should nuke that IGN link and link straight to the guy with the talent:

  • Steve Kim

    Woo! Another place my drawings showed up =P anyone interested in my other stuff can find me as Fobwashed on Instagram =]

  • Simba

    Yesterday I received this work of art:

  • Retronaut42

    Here's something I drew in a match with C418. Bet you can't guess what it is!

  • DrawSomethingFan

    Steve "Fobwashed" Kim did an interview for WBS Multimedia.  It's really good, too!  Check it out:

  • Corky McButterpants

    Those are mightily impressive; my 'best'? work only reached this level...