Nowadays there is a veritable smorgasbord of excellent iOS platformers, but it wasn't always this way. Virtual controls have always been a sticking point with platformers on a touch screen, rarely offering the type of precision needed in such a game. One of the games that managed to nail the control problem early on, back in October of 2009 to be exact, was Touch Foo's Soosiz [$1.99/HD].

Soosiz was a bright and colorful 2D platformer built around an interesting gravity mechanic and levels made up of tiny planet-like platforms not totally dissimilar from the Super Mario Galaxy titles. Soosiz was pretty well-loved by gamers and critics alike, and served as an early benchmark for how virtual controls should work in a platformer.

Since Soosiz, however, Touch Foo has been quiet on the App Store front, and I've caught myself wondering just what the team might be up to for their follow-up release. Last week, they announced in our forums what that follow-up title is, and they've sent word today that we won't be waiting long to try out the game for ourselves as it will be launching this Thursday.

The game is called Swordigo, and it's another platforming game but looks to be quite a departure from Soosiz. It's a 2.5D game, meaning the visuals are made of 3D graphics but the gameplay itself is strictly classic 2D. There is a bigger focus on action and battling enemies this time around, and there will be RPG elements that let you level up your character, weapons, spells, and items.

Check out the awesome trailer below to get a good idea of what's in store for Swordigo:

Swing back by later this week when we do our weekly roundup of new releases to get your own hands on the game, which will be launching as a Universal app at the $1.99 price point, and we'll put Swordigo through its paces once it's released and bring you a full review soon too.

  • JCat_NY

    Not a huge fan of Soosiz but I did enjoy it a bit, way back when, however, THIS looks pretty flipping great!

  • Kevin Agot

    Loved Soosiz as it was one of the very first platformers I bought on my old iTouch.  Will this be Universal?

    • Jared Nelson

      Yeah, Universal.

      • jeffyg3

        Awesome. I'm more than likely to buy a game nowadays if it's universal. Looks pretty good.

      • Kevin Agot

         Thanks.  I noticed the designation atop the vid title a second or two after hitting "Enter".  I edited my response to detail this fact, but for some reason it didn't show. 

  • himanshu modi

    Soosiz still is in my top 5 platformers, which is quite something considering the sheer number of platformers available now.

    This one looks a little more, should I say, "standard" as compared to Soosiz. Will definitely buy the game though.

  • Matt Curtis

    This game looks awesome! Can't wait.

  • Castle Huang

    the title logo looks great :p

    • matthew wood

      the banner does look great. game looks, unfinished?

  • Kaffeperkulator

    Love the use of smörgåsbord in a english text, makes me feel right at home

  • Timothy Polumbo

    game looks like it could use some more polish

  • Rodrigo C

    There will be icade support?