Two games were featured in the recent Apple keynote, and as of a few moments ago, one of them is now available. We're still on the lookout for Infinity Blade: Dungeons, but right now Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy [$4.99] is a quick mash of the "Buy App" button away from being in your hot little hands.

We're downloading it now, but I feel like for the true experience we're going to have to wait for FedEx to drop off our new iPads tomorrow. I've already bartered a deal with my FedEx delivery dude, and I should have mine bright and early.

If you want to chat Sky Gamblers on our forums, guess what, we've got a thread for that.

  • mclifford82

    What's the iPad 3?

    • Kevin Donovan

      The iPad 3 is what most people are going to end up calling it, its just easier.

  • Jaywu

    I have a question, if I buy this now will I be able to sync it to my new iPad tomorow through iTunes.. Same question with all the apps I already have on my iPad, I'm guessing not, so I'm holding off buying anything untill tomorow, can anyone clarify that for me.

    • Kevin Donovan

      Yes is the answer, spend away!

      • Jaywu

        Kool thanks, I was wondering because what's to stop me syncing my friends iPads with my iTunes and giving them 100 dollars plus of my apps for free? Is why I was not so sure. Thanks for the reply.

      • Gagapokerface

        You can only have a limited number of devices synced to your account. I think it's 5, somewhere around there. Whoever your shared your account with would have access to any store credit or credit cards on file, so it's probably not a good idea to share with anybody outside of your household.

        Plus, I think with iCloud all of the photos you take would end up going into their photo stream!

      • cyberpyrot

        Not true I have 4 ipads 3 ipods two iphones I have not seem a limit yet

      • Gagapokerface

        Ahh you're right, the device limit is for computers. I guess you can have unlimited iOS devices and iPods.

      • Jaywu

        Ah i see, yes, but if you pre-pay for apps/itunes credits and and use one computer to sync/update you could share apps with friends. seems odd to me. especially considering you could share few hundred dollars worth easily. I am new to the whole itunes/idevice thing and that kind of surprises me. 

        However I guess everyone wants to sync with their own itunes for their music.

      • nonstickron

        You can set up your ios device on your own account, your own icloud, your own music, etc...then just go into the "store" under System Preferences on your ios device and log out of the store, and log in with a different account and download all the aps via the appstore on the ios device. Its actually kinda crazy how easy it is to share an itunes store account.

    • Rodrigo Sedano

      of course you can :facepalm: ,  just resync the new iPad with iTunes or use iCloud

      • Jaywu

        With a face like yours Rod, please.. keep you palm covering it!

    • Linuxuser1

      If you use the same Account you can simply redownload it on your new iPad for free.

      • Jaywu

        thanks for the help.

  • famousringo

    Been looking forward to this. Revo Solutions makes my favourite flight sims on iOS. They have just the right blend of authenticity, tight controls, and arcade fun. 

    I generally prefer props and machine-guns to jets and missiles, but I'm gonna keep supporting in the hope that they go back to WWII. Downloading now.

  • JCat_NY

    Nice - will have to grab this for tomorrow! I only wish IB: Dungeons was out as well!

    • TouchGamePlay

      We all wish it would be out as soon as that...

  • Derek Chin

    How does it differ on the 3 than the 2?

    • Jay G

      Retina Display, quad-core processor, same camera as the 4s.

      I think that sums it up...more better stuff for the same price.

  • igorgorina

    Bought it when it came out. Never looked back ever since.  Like I mean literally all I have been doing for the past 10 days is sitting on the crapper without the will to lift either one of my hand rom my ipad to grab the toilet paper. Yeah it's that fun.