Alright! The Apple Press event is underway! Our own Blake Patterson is there waiting to get his greasy hands all over that high resolution screen, but in the meantime, we're aggregating gaming-relevant information from the various live blogs for a iPad mega-post.

Photo courtesy of Kiel

Here's the ones we're following:

- Engadget
- Ars Technica
- The Verge
- gdgt
- Macworld
- AllThingsD
- SlashGear
- The Loop

In the meantime, feel free to go nuts in the comments.

  • Slerba Slerssen


  • cactuskicker

    Technical difficulties everywhere. Haha! Every geek in the world mashing the refresh button...

  • Jordan David Fennimore

    Come on (//∇//)/ ..... ! Give the goods ! What do you know about the specks ? I'm drooling from the anticipation ! Hear anything about "OnLive- cloud based gaming service" being available for iPad 3? If not puh-puh-puh-please do ask for me? I WANT TO PLAY CONSLOE GAMES ON MY IPAD ^_^!!!!!

  • knoids


  • Cat Astrophy

    retina display is all i needed to finally buy one

    • knoids

      The iPad 3 has it!

      • Cat Astrophy

        What iPad 3? There's only "the new iPad".

    • Huy Ngo

      If you didn't have one before, now is a great time to do so!  I unfortunately have the iPad 2 and can't justify upgrading yet.  

  • knoids

    Bluetooth controller from Apple! C'Mon Apple, make it!

  • knoids

    Apparently there will be a new Infinity Blade, called Infinity Blade:Dungeons!

  • iSeptimus -

    So far, so meh.  Shame.

    • Huy Ngo

      Agreed.  Nothing to rush out and upgrade from.  Perhaps I'll try a cheapy android tablet in the meantime.

      • Adams Immersive

        It’s highly possible that a cheapy Android tablet will lack the display quality, metal shell, battery life, performance, ease of use, frequency of updates, safety from malware, and quality app selection of the new iPad.

      • Huy Ngo

        True!  I love my Apple products for all of those reasons!  

        I'd rather take this opportunity to test out the other products as I don't see it as a good enough reason to upgrade the already perfectly functioning iPad 2 😉
        If I didn't have an iPad 2 you bet your ass I'd be getting the "new" iPad for sure!

  • nomster

    I'm holding out for iPad 12-duo
    •True retina displays fitted into a slots in skull just behind both eyes (has to be fitted at Apple Store - average queuing time 5 hours) 
    •Home-brew community angry they are not allowed to do it themselves
    •Apple predicted to employ more surgeons than any major health authority
    •Draws charge from brain/neural system (apple warn not to use when taking part in distance running events as may reduce performance by up to 6.7%
    •Advise against allowing slots to heal up as recommend ret-pads removed and cleaned with supplied cloth at least once every 4 months
    •Apple iSlot-blockers made of high grade titanium available from Apple store in variety of colours from $21.99 - guaranteed to stop closure of skull slots for 12 years!
    •Haptic feedback... but only if you can get to the back of your eyes..

  • ArmandoJohnson

    Actions speak louder than words

  • James C Gray

    Apple's senior staff set us all drooling with incredible images of sun-lit flowers, backyard birthday parties and bright days at the beach. All this courtesy of the new (and noticeably flashless/artificial light-less) camera and imovie apps. Is this Apple's subtle way of telling us: "You all need to get outside more often?"