We've seen a lot of endless runners at this year's GDC, but none so far have iterated on the Jetpack Joyride model as well as Super Squawk's Crash Cam. In the title, you control an overeager director as he hurdles through several Hollywood-themed levels, including a backlot. A power meter on his camera stand functions as a time mechanic. As you play, it steadily drains. To refill it, you'll need to collect orbs scattered about.

The thing that caught our eye is the game's reverse power-up. Grabbing one switches the director's direction from the traditional left-to-right setup to right-to-left. It's a small tweak, but it really gives the game a new-look kind of pacing. Crash Cam will also feature a full compliment of goals and perks, as well as accessories.

The build you're seeing above in the screens is a work in progress. Crash Cam isn't expected to launch on iPhone and iPad for another two-to-three months.