Earlier this afternoon in San Francisco, we got a quick look at the HD version of Galaxy On Fire 2's first expansion, Valkyrie. As fans would expect, Fish Labs has significantly ramped up the visuals in its now, second, HD re-release. Valkyrie HD boasts new models, a new lighting model, and significantly improved assets all around.

We also got to see a few moments of Fish Labs upcoming expansion for Galaxy on Fire 2, Super Nova. Fish Labs says it'll match the content present in both the core game and its first expansion, Valkyrie HD. The build was early, but it was clear that Fish Labs has built several new assets, including ship models, and integrated a few new mechanics. Of note, users will have to monitor a "gamma" bar in addition to health. The super nova, in general, radically alters the game's world. In one mission, we observed flares pummeling a sky spire. In another, a mission revolved around saving people before the explosion.

In an attempt to calm the Internet fury over the incoming HD expansion being released, Fish Labs is planning to put Galaxy On Fire 2 SD. Also, anyone with Galaxy On Fire 2 SD on their devices, will be able to unlock Valkyrie for free.

Here's some screens of Valkyrie HD:

And here's some concept art of Super Nova:

Of note, Fish Labs will continue support Apple's latest tablets with HD versions. Valkyrie, for example, will be optimized for the third-gen iPad.

  • PlunderBunny

    "In an attempt to calm the Internet fury over the incoming HD expansion..."
    What is this fury? Is it just a cute way of saying excitement, or are people genuinely upset over something?

    • http://twitter.com/Fishlabs Michael Schade

      It's missing "on sale for $4.99" at the end of the paragraph 😉

  • swarmster

    As someone who hasn't really followed the development and releases of Galaxy on Fire (wasn't it a Java game at one point?), but is interested in finding a deep game to get sucked into when his new iPad arrives, this article is extremely confusing.

    Valkyrie is an expansion to GoF2, but it's a standalone app with better graphics? And it's been released about 5 times (this is the second HD re-release)? Should I play GoF2 first? And then there's another expansion coming out that completely changes the universe? So that doesn't really sound like an expansion. But at the same time it all the content ("matches") from GoF2 and Valkyrie?

    But in order to calm people down about Valkyrie HD they're doing something to GoF2 SD? (But not HD?) And then giving the SD owners Valkyrie for free somehow? And Valkyrie HD will have iPad 3 optimizations, but will GoF2? I'm still confused as to whether they're separate games? And the whole article is written like this is all happening in the future sometime, but the trailer says it's out now?

    I'm sure I'm just missing something and it's really simple, but that's the most confusing write up I've read in a while, and it's kind of a turn-off.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_M7HPZQN2QW3KNY5NXAHRMSJDSM Doug

    I don't at all understand the GoF releases. They really screwed up imo. I
    want to buy one, but I don't know which to buy, so I said to hell with
    it and played something else. Nice job, devs. 😛

    • Anton R

      To those who are confused. Forget the HD/SD confusions for a moment. First you have to purchase "Galaxy on Fire 2", then, when you beat the game, the 1st expansion "Valkyrie" (+ the "Kaamo Club" thingy, which can be unlocked for free in the game), then, in the near future buy the 2nd expansion "Supernova", when it comes out. In this order, no matter which version you are playing, HD or SD.. Now the latter only affects the graphical look of the same game and it's expansions. You'll just have to find out whether your device supports the HD version of the game. I myself am a happy long time player of SD version. I cannot recommend this game enough:)

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_M7HPZQN2QW3KNY5NXAHRMSJDSM Doug

         But does HD mean iPad? Or Retina? Or universal?

      • maniacfive

        Both Galaxy on Fire 2 versions are universal. A quick check on the app store would've confirmed that.

        HD is for 4S and iPad 2 only.

        SD is for everything else. Yes it is retina.

        If you want to play an expansion you have to have the relevant version. So you can't play the upcoming Supernova DLC in HD if you don't have the HD version.

        Really isn't that difficult. I don't know who to blame here. The educators for failing todays Touch Arcade readership in basic reading comprehension, or the devs who jumped on the 'lets call anything for iPad the HD version" back in the early days of the iPad.

  • evilsearch

    the reason why i love this devs so much! and also mad finger 😀

  • http://www.fishlabs.net/ Tobias Piwek

    Hey guys, here's a little overview over the various version of Galaxy on Fire 2 on iOS devices. Hopefully this will clear things up a little and help you decide what version is best for you.

    # # # GALAXY ON FIRE 2 # # #

    The main game is available in a graphically overhauled HD version for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 and in a standard SD version for older iOS devices such as iPhone 4, iPhone 3G, iPod touch 4G, etc. Since the add-ons Valkyrie and Supernova (scheduled for Q2 or Q3 of 2012) are no stand-alone apps, you will definitely need either the SD or the HD version of the main game Galaxy on Fire 2 in order to play the game and its existing and upcoming expansions.

    In terms of story and gameplay, both versions are identical to one another and also the price is the same. So, you neither have to renounce any of the content if you own an older iOS device nor do you have to pay more for the game if you want to play it on you iPhone 4S or iPad 2.

    We have released two different versions of Galaxy on Fire 2 because by the time the SD version hit the App Store (in 2009), no one even knew about the iPad 2 or the iPhone 4S and their powerful A5 chips. However, when those devices were being announced, we figured that the time was ripe to re-do all the graphics and visuals of our flagship title from scratch and release it in a completely overhauled HD version, which takes full advantage of the new devices’ hardware capabilities and showcases what the iPhone 4S or iPad 2 are really capable of.

    # # # VALKYRIE # # #

    Valkyrie is the first add-on for Galaxy on Fire 2, which introduces  a completely new story line and contains tons of new features and content (such as space ships, weapons systems, pieces of equipment, blue prints, star systems, characters, mission types, etc).

    With the recent release of Valkyrie HD, the add-on is now available for both versions of the main game (SD and HD). However, you cannot cross or combine different versions of the main game and the add-on, which means that if you own the SD version of Galaxy on Fire 2, you also need to buy the SD version of Valkyrie.

    The story of Valkyrie continues right where the story of Galaxy on Fire 2 ended.

    # # # SUPERNOVA # # #

    Supernova is the second add-on for Galaxy on Fire 2, which is currently in production and will presumably be out in late Q2 or early Q3 of 2012. Storywise, it will take place right after the events of Valkyrie and fans of the series will meet a lot familiar characters and visit a lot of familiar places. But they will also be presented with a lot of stuff they’ve never seen or experienced before in the Galaxy on Fire universe… all in all, Supernova will be quite a lot bigger and more complex than Valkyrie.

    Supernova SD and Supernova HD will be released simultaneously, so all GOF2 fans playing the game on an iOS device will be able to get hold of it at the same time and no one will have to wait for it.

    Well, that’s about it… hope this helped a little to give you guys a better overview over GOF2 and it’s different versions, portings, etc. All the best & Hope you enjoy the game, Tobi

    • swarmster

      Thank you for the clarification.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_M7HPZQN2QW3KNY5NXAHRMSJDSM Doug

      Oh, okay! So it only takes a 2 pages of text to clarify the versions. Seriously? You DO understand you're hemorraging sales as a result of the confusion, right? And does SD mean non-Retina?

      Here's a thought: just make a quick, visual chart that shows what you should buy given the device you own.

      Anyway, given how much time it must have takne you to write that up, I AM going to buy the game. But please. Clarity is the first rule of marketing...

  • http://www.fishlabs.net/ Tobias Piwek

    BTW, we’ve dropped the price of the SD version of Galaxy on Fire 2 and are giving Valkyrie HD away for free to owners of the SD version, because we think that this is a nice gesture for our longtime fans. There were quite a few long-time fans who told us that, even though GOF2 HD looks amazing, they still don’t want to buy the game a second time just to enjoy the enhanced graphics. If they've bought an iPhone 4S or iPad 2 in the meantime and they'll get the HD version of the add-on for free, however, it might further motivate them to take the step from SD to HD. We also had the HD version on sale for half its original price for two weeks last month, so all longtime fans, who've checked out our Facebook profile, forums or blog regularly would have been able to purchase GOF2 HD incl. Valkyrie HD for no more than 5 bucks... 🙂

    • Scio X

      Wait, does that last part mean that if I bought the HD version when it was on sale(which I did), I'd get Valkyrie free? But I booted up the game and it still said the expansion costs $5! Or did I misread something?

    • http://twitter.com/Bigrozzy Tom Rosner

      Tobias, I am confused by your last sentence about the HD version, you say you could have gotten both the HD version and the HD expansion for no more than 5 bucks but isn't it 10 bucks?  5 bucks for the HD version on sale and 5 bucks for the expansion IAP?

      • http://www.fishlabs.net/ Tobias Piwek

        Sorry for the confusion. What I meant is that if you were a longtime fan, who had already purched GOF2 SD before, you would be able to move over to GOF2 HD for only 5 bucks, because on the one hand you could have bought GOF2 HD on sale for 5 bucks and on the other hand you would now get Valkyrie HD for free because you already bought GOF2 SD before...

  • http://twitter.com/jamesrickards jamesrickards

    SOLD! - (long time SD iPad 2 Version player) downloading now HD version...cant wait to see  Valkyrie Add on - thanks for the comment

  • Jason Ford

    so when will HD be back on sale?