Cobra Mobile is lauded for its grip on the tower defense genre, and it's poised to give us another entry in its tremendous iBomber franchise in the near future. We just got a heads up on iBomber Defense Pacific. Set against a Pacific rim backdrop, the game is ready to deliver new tactics, new strategies, and new weapons like rockets turrets, bomb bases and depth charges. Naturally, new enemies will be thrown into the mix, including hidden or stealth targets, which should make for a more interesting time spent with what is now almost an App Store classic series of games.

We spent some time with Defense Pacific this afternoon and can happily report that, yes, this is a tower defense game. One of the things that struck us as particularly cool is the level of micro-management. You can set your turrets to dig in and pinpoint where you want them to aim, level up specific components to upgrade your turrets, and combine the tools of iBomber's trade to increase your total damage output.

  • Adams Immersive

    I love TD, but don’t bother watching that video! It’s text-only!

  • famousringo

    A terrible name, but a surprisingly good TD. I've been burned out on the genre, but it might be worth coming back for this.

  • Erik Løvaas

    hey Brad, I am very short on space on my ipod so i wonder how much is the installed file size is?

  • stevearm

    Love iBomber games, but as good as Defense was, I wish they'd go back to their original 2 games of seek and destroy from above. Does the app store need another tower defence game?

  • Terry Gregorowich

    of course it needs another Cobra title!@#