It was a treat having The Bard's Tale [$5.99] – the port of the 2004 remake of the 1985 classic – brought to the App Store late last year, and developer inXile Entertainment is looking to sweeten the pot even further starting this week. According to IGN, series creator Brian Fargo wants to add all 3 original The Bard's Tale games to the iOS app for free via updates. The original The Bard's Tale should be showing up this week if all goes according to plan.

Subsequent updates will come about a mont apart from each other and will see The Bard's Tale II and The Bard's Tale III added to the game as well. It isn't clear which versions of the originals these will be, since all 3 games were ported across multiple platforms back in the day. If you missed The Bard's Tale in any of its forms over the years, check out our review of the iOS version, which is still a fun and humorous adventure even by today's standards. Be on the lookout for the original The Bard's Tale to hit in an update this week.

[Via IGN]

  • Kelly Freeman

    This is a great game. I love it. The only problem I have is the game size nearly 2GB that I have to delete a lot other apps before installing.

  • Anonymous

    This puts me in an interesting dilemma, because I would PAY MONEY for the old-school Bard's Tale Trilogy separately but I have no interest in the remake, even if I had sufficient space available for it on my 8GB Touch.

    (Wasteland next Wasteland next WASTELAND NEXT)

    • Jeremy Boles

      I'm in the same boat as you, I will probably buy this game now, just so I can play the original trilogy...
      Hopefully its the Atari ST or Amiga version they port.

    • Dave

      OMG, Wasteland would rock.  But would I have to carry the little paragraph book around with me to play? 🙂

  • Perry

    So, is  "The original The Bard's Tale should be showing up this week if all goes according to plan"  a different one from what's online already?
    but further down in the article your talking about an update
    I have the one that came out last year. 

    • Anonymous

       The one that's already in the App Store isn't the original The Bard's Tale. That one is a PS2 release, while the original The Bard's Tale was an 8-bit dungeon crawler on a variety of platforms, including Commodore 64 and NES.

  • Laszlo Tuss

    I should get this in its next price cut!

  • Jay G

    This may make me break my $.99 rule.  I bought the original Bards Tale, way back when, on the C64, and I remember what an awesome manual it had, and how many hours of fun I had mapping out dungeons on graph paper.
    On second thought, maybe I'll just let the nostalgia of fond memories stay intact.

    • Dave

      That is the real issue with old games.  They just aren't the same as they were back then, mainly for me because I'm not the same as I was back then.  As much as I want to relive the moment, it just doesn't hold my attention the same way...

  • app symmetry

    With the additions of more games to the remake in ios form, will we see a price increase in the app? It's just strange that they would add all this for free without some sort of price jump as they're added... Oo

    • Aaron Sullivan

      I was puzzled by this behavior way back when. Think also about all the tons of updates that even very successful apps continue with. It's actually very simple. When owners of your game get updates they start playing it again and maybe even like it more, and here's the key: their friends and family find out about it. That translates directly into NEW sales. Best of all, it doesn't cost early adopters anything more. Simple, right?

  • Scott Nimmo

    Wait a minute, so it is 1.4GB to download now...
    then they will release a new version each month, with BTI, then BTII, then BTIII.

    Keeping apps up to date is becomingsilly, I am already downloading 10GB a month on app updates already thanks to 1GB games with monthly patches, and now something that to used to be two floppies, is now requiring a 1370MB download!

  • Adam Gibson

    I hope that for size reasons they also release them as separate apps.  I could have the option of getting them all in one or individually depending on how much space I have left at the time I want to play it.

  • parranoya

    Targan ---nuff said bro!

  • PantsMasterson

    Man, I can't wait for this. I loved the original BT, bought the iOS port of the new Bard's Tale, and frankly, can't stand it. Poor twitch gaming with bad jokes. I would *love* to have the originals on my iPad, and would probably have happily paid $6 for the original trilogy *without* the new game attached to them.