One of the most charming and whimsical games on iOS, Whale Trail [99¢], has just received a nice new content update. We really liked Whale Trail in our review when the game first released in October, and a December update added a whole new dimension to the game by offering 32 scoring-based challenge levels to the mix. Each level had 3 stars to earn, and there was a new Hyper Boost power-up that could launch you way up high in the sky.

Today's update is along the lines of the first, offering 32 new challenge levels and 2 new power-ups. The premise in the previous update was that the game's villain Baron Von Barry fell asleep on the job, allowing Willow the Whale to explore the colorful challenge levels in Rainbow Playground without pursuit. In the new set of 32 levels, the Baron turns the tables on Willow and puts him through these extremely difficult challenges in the Thunder Bros' kingdom where it's dark and stormy all the time.

The new challenges are just that – a challenge. I mean, I literally had trouble getting 2 stars on the first level so I could unlock the second. It doesn't get any easier from there, either. The layouts of each challenge demand precision in order to earn every possible point and gain enough stars to keep moving on, and it's easy to blow a run with just a single mistake. It's that good kind of challenge, though. The kind that begs you to keep retrying a level until you get it just right, because you know you can, and it's hugely satisfying when you do.

Also in the Baron's Revenge levels are two new power-ups. The Cloud Mine will blow away all the surrounding clouds when collected, and the Blubble Magnet will draw all surrounding blubbles towards Willow. Utilizing both of these properly is a must in order to do well in the new set of trials. The original Classic mode has been tweaked as well, and given the new power-ups.

I'm really enjoying the new content in Whale Trail, and developer Ustwo mentioned to me on Twitter that another "massive" update is already in the works, and should be arriving in a couple of months. But right now, make sure to grab the Baron's Revenge update and take a stab at the extremely challenging but rewarding new set of levels.

  • Tim L.

    I thought I read somewhere that Whale Tail has done well in sales but not enough to turn a profit? I hope these updates (current and future) are a sign that things are on the up and up for the dev. Great polished game!

  • Feeshie

    how to beat levels 2-25 and 2-32

  • Feeshie

    I have 3stars on all bonus lvls except those 2 🙁