The clone conversation is getting pretty heated of late, so we thought we'd bring you a more chill take on cloning from a developer that has had its game ripped off more times than we care to count. Specifically, we wanted to point out what Mojang business head honcho Daniel Kaplan had to say about the swarm of Minecraft clones out there.

"As long as [cloners] don't use anything we MADE, we don't care," Kaplan told Eurogamer in a chat the other afternoon when asked about possibly suing a cloner. "Like, would the Doom creators sue everybody who has done an FPS? Don't think so," he said, hopefully with a hrumph.

Minecraft gets ripped off in a pretty wild variety of ways. Some titles just take the look. Others just nab the specific crafting and building mechanics. Of course, there are other games out there that steal whole hog, while carefully adding the slightest touches in their code to differentiate the look.

That said, there's a fine line between iteration and cloning. The Doom-to-FPS example Kaplan threw out there isn't a good one; a lot of games built on what Doom did, sure, but most of those games brought something new to the genre.

"I'm really bored by the clones," Kaplan said in the chat. "They don't bring anything new to the table, which is really sad."

Zynga and Glu Mobile recently released a total of three Tiny Tower [Free] clones between each other in the last couple of weeks. Tiny Tower creators, NimbleBit, and the game's fans, are rightfully still outraged by these games. In the iOS universe, the last big pseudo-clone we saw was a poor attempt to capitalize on Temple Run's [Free] success. That title was removed from the App Store by Apple.

[via Eurogamer]

  • Ari Ronen

    I guess mojang doesn't remember that minecraft started as a near identical clone of infiniminer?

    • Anonymous

      Seems more like they do remember if you ask me, and that's exactly why they don't mind clones.

      • Ari Ronen

        Sure, but there's lots of developers making sandbox building games now(me included).  Dismissing all of them  "They're boring and sad" is pretty silly, but I guess expected since they consider them competitors now.   IMO, if mojang doesn't put a bigger/better team on minecraft it's only a matter of time before another developer makes something better.

      • Matt Lindquist

         Obviously they aren't against ALL of them.  In particular Notch has been VERY public about his love for Terraria.  He's also spread word about other games with similar ideas, for example Project Zomboid.

        However, that said, MANY, indeed MOST, of the clones are boring and sad.  I should know, I've tried many of them.

      • Christian

        i believe the yogscast (it mightve been captainsparkles or another popular minecraft youtuber) played an EXTERME minecraft ripoff, and the saddest thing is, it wasnt even good.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah I'm really sick of all these games ripping off Infiniminer!

    Wait, what's a Minecraft?

  • Anonymous

    Wider how they feel about the apps that take minecraft screenshots, have a description of minecraft pocket edition in the app description, then all the way down the bottom, after hundreds of words have the disclaimer, ****this is just info about the game minecraft not an actual game***

    And charge £2.99. Someone needs to care about that and get them removed.

  • Rex Sundstrom

    Again with the tiny tower stuff. For fs sake, its a simple game that rips off a million other games before it, give it a rest. It's getting pathetic, and is still as hypocritical as ever. Touch arcade is really starting to show it's true colors. With success comes the typical bs, just dont try and play the good guy while u sell out.

  • Anonymous

    "No worries, it's not like I planned on finishing Minecraft anywho"
            - Notch's brain.

  • Anonymous

    I just wish that Notch et co would hurry up and finish the iOS version so that we dont HAVE to look to clones to get the same basic gameplay. The gimped version we have on iOS is not going to cut it by any stretch.

  • Jack Shapley

    you know that majong is getting sued by treyarch and who ever makes skyrim. because they are making a game that tataly rips offs skyrim's story line, they copied drgon, the thume ( called it something else ) they even copied the elder scroll