People had been clamoring for an official mobile version of Minecraft for some time, and after a brief period of Xperia Play exclusivity, Minecraft - Pocket Edition [$6.99/Lite] launched for iOS this past November. Despite the high anticipation, most fans found the release underwhelming due to it lacking the major components of its desktop counterpart, like enemies and crafting. Those were the major reasons we didn't totally love the game in our review, although it was a totally decent creation-only version of Minecraft on the go.

Developer Mojang heard the player feedback loud and clear, and immediately put a plan in action to get the missing components stuffed into Minecraft - Pocket Edition. Part of that plan was releasing an update with a bunch of behind-the-scenes infrastructure stuff that will allow for the addition of survival elements and crafting. We detailed this update last month, and although I think it's hitting a wee bit later than Mojang had wanted, the update is now live for the Android version of the game, and the iOS version is currently in review with Apple and should be hitting at pretty much any time.

In the updated version of Minecraft - Pocket Edition, there's now a day/night cycle and the first introduction of creatures to the world, sheep and zombies. You get new blocks to build doors, fences, and gates with, and since crafting isn't part of the mobile package just yet, there is an assortment of pre-made tools to help you get by until you're able to build your own someday. It sounds like the new update goes a long way in rectifying the fairly mundane first release of Minecraft - Pocket Edition, so be sure to keep your eye out for it to hit the iOS App Store soon.

[Via The Verge]

  • Anonymous

    There were a lot five star reviews on the app store and comments on game reviews from people defending minecraft as it is. So I can appreciate what theyre doing with the game when they couldve just easily said "nope, we dont need to fix anything here, the games fine."

  • Adams Immersive

    I notice there area two “Minecraft—Pocket Edition” apps in the store, from two different companies, around the same price. But with a different length of hyphen in the name. Both mention Mojang. Are they both somehow official, or is something sneaky at work? The “other” one gets low star ratings and isn’t Universal, but has been updated more recently.

    • Ambrose Holcomb

      One is a total fake. Just read the entire info. section on each one. And DEFINITLY check the comments and see which one is fake and which is real.

  • Anonymous

    So theres STILL no crafting?

  • RealBryan Wei

    Really? It was suppose to be released on Feb 9th, and I still see no update. The Android update is already out, what is taking Apple so long to approve it?

  • David Thrower

    So excited for update!!!

  • Joseph MacManus

    Jesus Apple it's been ages, what are you waiting for! Normally it takes about 2 days!

  • Alex Mustin

    I must say, this new update adds a much-needed element of the game. It now feels like a solid product worth paying $7 US -- especially of they keep supporting it with content updates regularly.

  • Teddy A

    Waiting for next update...

  • Callum Burke

    When's crafting?

  • Madeline Zinger

    when does .0.5.0 come out for the paid one????

  • awesomedude

    i think mojang needs to add buckets. the also need to enhance the seed generator to be more like the x box or pc and add lava above bedrock to