Remember League of Evil [$1.99]? It came out early last year, and the best way to describe it is the title of our review: "The closest thing to Super Meat Boy on iOS." League of Evil controlled great, making difficult Super Meat Boy-style platforming surprisingly fun. They even eventually added iCade and Joypad [Free] support, giving two more awesome control options.

Check out the recently released trailer for the sequel:

I'm digging the new art style. February 15th can't come quick enough.

  • Anonymous

    The new art style doesn't match the content nearly as well as the original...

    But I am still looking forward to this, can't deny how great the first one is.

    • James Preston

      What do you mean when you say the artwork matched the content?

      • Anonymous

        Because the movements, animations and general look of the game have more in common with the 8/16 bit era than with modern games.

        It makes the whole presentation seem like a rushed flash animation. If you're going to go for slick retina graphics, you can't fall back on 2 frame 8bit era animations or it feels disjointed.

        It's easy to sell choppy animations when you're also selling the entire 8bit package. League of Evil nailed that cohesive feel. The look matched the feel of the game. That's the whole reason they went 8bit with it; much more forgiving.

        The style gives the user a LOT of clues to pick up on which settle in the mind of the user and help create the overall impression. We're built to compare what we experience against what we have experienced in the past.

        Repeating/Tiled texture?
        8bit style = looks retro, matches style
        Modern era = cheap, lazy appearance.

        Choppy 2-3 frame animation?
        8bit style = looks just like the old games. Great job
        Modern era = Unpolished, rushed, no smooth animation splines. Unfinished or underworked product.

        Pixelated Graphics?
        8bit style = acceptable, perceived as the intended style
        Modern era = unacceptable, perceived as low resolution images not being cleaned up for final release.

        It's all about a cohesive style. If you want to cut corners as if the hardware were gimped like the old days, you have to have a style that sells those cuts as part of the style rather than a lack of effort of polish.

      • Adams Immersive

        I see what you mean—those jump motions look kind of bad with the new style, when the same motion looked good to me in the old style. Still, looks fun anyway! But I must finish the original L of L first. Which is a long shot... At least I finally grasped the jumping/climbing. The first three times I picked up L of L I could barely make my character move! It turned out to be not so hard once I got the hang of it.

      • James Preston

        You make some good points. I particularly agree with your comment on the tiled textures, they just don't gel with the new graphics. It makes me wonder if they had a lot of low iTunes reviews on the original game complaining about "crappy graphics". I get a bit crazy when I see those reviews on games like Tiny Tower, I guess not everyone appreciates the aesthetic qualities of pixel art.

      • Anonymous

        "I get a bit crazy when I see those reviews on games like Tiny Tower, I
        guess not everyone appreciates the aesthetic qualities of pixel art."

        Definitely agree on that.

        They may still have the time to revise some things and help sell the look theyre going for a little better. The game still looks better than a lot of the stuff we see out on iOS, and these guys know how to put together a great game (we saw evidence of that in the original League of Evil)

        I still have high hopes as I really do enjoy the original, and just because it looks like the sequel could be better doesn't mean that it is bad at all

      • matthew wood

        farnsworth is a pro, i too agree with whats on the table. league of evil managed to take the pixel art style while still making it look like it was born in this era. with super meat boy being ported i can't see how this will compete with the big mac.

  • Anonymous

    100+ levels and Universal. I assume there's iCloud support, right?

  • Anonymous

    does it run on 2nd gen iPods?

    • M. C.

      I remember reading in the thread that it will! 😀

  • Anonymous

    Nice to see you can move the char left in this game,unlike 1 other platformer released in 2011.I remember countless stating it was brilliant simply because the programmer forgot to put in Left movement and therefor made the game super hard.ROFL.At last a great looking game,however I notice the tech officianados already talking crap about this already.Wish they would crawl back to the rock they seem to come from.This game looks about as perfect as it could possibly get on a fekkin phone you whingers.

    • Alanfalcon

      The leftwards movement is part of the puzzle aspect of 1-bit Ninja. If you miss a coin, it's gone, no going back for it without restarting. 

      It's impossible for anyone who played the game to imagine the developer "forgot" leftward movement as there are specific tiles that cause the character to flip directions and only head left.

      As for LoE2, I had reservations about the new art style, and while the transitions between moves aren't perfect, as long as they happen as quickly and exactly as they did in LoE then the game would be worth every penny at ten times the cost.

      • quickdraw

        I actually had REALLY elaborate transitions designed (ducking before you jump, rolling if you hit the ground with enough speed, a frozen screen-shake landing if you drop from high enough, etc.) but when we tested them out it slowed the flow/response of the gameplay up too much (think Prince of Persia VS Mario).

        We wanted to make sure LoE2 kept the same speed-run flow and timings that people liked in LoE1 so we ditched the smooth transitions 'cause gameplay is always king.  😉

        - Jeff

    • Jared Nelson

      I know so stupid right? Also, you can't even move blocks up in Tetris. Once a block is down, you can't even move it again! How dumb do they think we are!!

      *Serious note: I can't believe there are still people out there who talk about going left in 1-bit Ninja.

      • Anonymous

        lmao, when in a gravity based theme you would never expect to control the upward direction,(perhaps you would).The analogy is laughable.1Bit Ninja is a left to right platformer and Normal people may want to move left or right which would and has been the expected practice..My point was idiots like you accused the vast majority who thought it was a crap ommission,and that this lack of left movement made the game much harder (pathetic deduction).It's people like you who are now critising LOE 2 I was originally talking about as being asthetically crap.
        kindest regards

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        Jared Nelson wrote, in response to asolja:
        I know so stupid right? Also, you can't even move blocks up in Tetris. Once a block is down, you can't even move it again! How dumb do they think we are!!
        *Serious note: I can't believe there are still people out there who talk about going left in 1-bit Ninja. Link to comment

      • Anonymous

        OMG another sad little person,with a womens bitchiness to boot.(on a not so serious note).

  • Anonymous

    Yay! LoE 2 runs on ALL devices! (1st gen iPod and iPad included)

  • Anonymous

    I'm really not liking the graphics. The pixel art was part of what I loved so much about the original, and I agree with Farnsworth_pro that the new style seems lazy and somewhat cheap. 

    Also, did anyone else find themselves watching this waiting to see something new? It pretty much looks like a remake of the original. I saw a boss fight, but that was it. I was hoping to see some new mechanics, environments, and playable characters.

    • Anonymous

       I seriously did not mean to click the like button. I meant to click the reply button. I think that this game is awesome, but I don't really like those lime green walls. The dev said that he had tons more animations, like rolls when jumping from big heights, but they slowed down the game.  So, yeah.

  • meerca253

    Loved the original. Probably one of the only iOS games I've loved enough to do a 100% completion play through. Plus this one comes out on my birthday. What a great gift.

  • Hansy

    The icade is an accessory for the Apple ipad line of devices which functions as a miniaturised, portable arcade cabinet,including a physical joystick and buttons.

  • Anonymous

    Well, I may be a minority in in this forum, but I really dig the new look...

  • John

    I actually think it looks nice enough, but the framerate still appears to be under 30 fps.  The single biggest improvement they could make is targeting 60 fps instead.  For a 2D platformer a high framerate makes a huge difference and the lack of it really hurt the original.

    • Gian Paolo Vernocchi

      I made the trailer and I cannot speak for how high the in-game framerate is, but the trailer is a traditional 25fps video so that's why the gameplay looks under 30fps.

  • Drexiel Tempest

    i like the new look.... I'm usually pro-pixelart, but I'm really liking the new art style.... feb 15? can't wait! 😀 LoE 1 is one of my favorite iOS games 😀