Regardless of whether you typically buy things with iTunes gift cards or if you've just linked your credit card up to your iTunes account and forgotten about it, Best Buy has a pretty great deal going that lasts until 7:00 PM Eastern tonight. iTunes gift cards are 20% off, and they're available in values ranging from $15.00 (for $12.00) all the way up to $100.00 (for $80.00). Better yet, these gift cards are delivered digitally. So, if you've got a way to funnel money into the Best Buy web site, they'll just instantly email you a discounted iTunes gift card code. How's that for convenience?

Mash this link if you're interested in taking advantage of the deal. You should see all the available gift cards. If the link isn't working for you, just search their site for "iTunes (Digital Delivery)". These 20% off deals aren't anything to scoff at either, as buying $100.00 worth of credit for $80.00 could potentially net you nearly 20 free 99¢ games out of the deal depending on your local tax rate.

How much are those of you who are taking advantage of this dumping into the deal? I know people who buy stupid amounts of iTunes credit when these 20% off sales roll around, as that's not only about as cheap as iTunes credit ever gets, but it's also definitely a "the more you buy the more you save" kind of thing.

[via 9to5Mac]

  • Blue Diamond Gaming

    Thanks for the heads up!  I always stock up whenever someone has a 20% off 🙂

    • Colin O'Brien

      Be careful.  Sometimes they charge sales tax on the gift cards when they're not supposed to do so.

      • DotComCTO

        I just purchased, and there was no sales tax applied (at least to NY).

      • Anonymous

        The sales tax (if any) should be applied upon USE of the card. It sounds like Best Buy has it right.

      • Anonymous

        ... More accurately, upon purchase made with the funds in your Apple account.

      • Colin O'Brien

        You all are right, I'm just talking about when I took advantage of the $100 gift card for $80 deal around Christmas, and I got charged sales tax both when I bought the gift card, and when I bought stuff on iTunes.  But if they've fixed it now, that's great.

  • DotComCTO

    Thanks for this info! This is clutch!  😀

  • Justin Banks

    Would this work if I purchased from Canada with my Canadian iTunes account?

    • Zulhilmi Abdullah

      Any luck? Best buy is asking for a US based account with a US credit card

      • Justin Banks

        I figured I'd just wait until they go on sale in Canada. I found people saying that it would require a US iTunes account to even register the card. I'd prefer to keep all my apps and stuff on my Canadian account.

  • Andy Poes

    free monies, nice!

  • Anonymous

    No sales tax from Texas. Great deal!

    • Andy Poes

      There is no sales tax on gift cards in general.

      • Anonymous

        As mentioned above, previously Best Buy has [incorrectly] charged sales tax at the time of sale on iTunes gift cards. I was reporting that this was not the case this time.

  • Brett Flury

    My account balance is already $177... think I am good.

  • Anonymous

    Purchased last night before I went to bed.  Still don't have the email.  wtf?

  • AppStore Cowboy

    Goodbye useless $20 Best Buy giftcard, hello app addiction feeding $25 iTunes credit! Eli you just made my day.

    • Anonymous

      I did the same thing. Have had $80 worth of MyRZ points for a while and finally used it for $100 iTunes store credit. Good deal! 

  • Jaison Corleone

    buy the gift cards for best buy at giant eagle the get a gas discount then use those gift cards to buy iTunes gift cards and double your bonus!

  • Attila Beke

    I could buy it with a european credit card! Thanks! I will buy my US iTunes Cards only at BestBuy from now on. Cool!

  • Adams Immersive

    Do I really need 50 more games for $40?!!??

    No. I need 47 more games and 3 songs. Code purchased! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    just spent 320usd on best buy for GC...great info TA, thanks.

  • Anonymous

    If you wanted some large app like Final Cut Pro for OSX this would be a cheaper way to get it, though I am not sure if they fixed all the problems with it yet.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the head's up! I'm like the office hero today telling everybody about this ha ha.

  • Anonymous

    Free $20 in ios games? Yes please! Bought a $100 card. Should last me quite a while. Thanks for the heads up.

  • bones boy

    It's past 7:00 ET ... offer still valid. Usually when they do this it lasts through the weekend.

    And yes I buy $100 or $200 of these every single time they go on sale, so the credit in my account stocks up! Perfect for buying seasons of Dexter or Breaking Bad, and getting some free games to boot.  

  • Erik Veland

    Didn't know this was such a big deal in the US. In Australia iTunes cards are regularly discounted. One time they were even 50% off.

  • Rirath

    Thanks TA - I missed this last time as I decided to watch a movie first, then poof... offer gone.  Jumped on it this time around!