A couple of high-profile games are on sale on the App Store this morning. Warner Bros, in celebration of over a million sales and Valentine's Day, has put Scribblenauts Remix [$.99] on the price-slash block. Down to $.99 from $1.99, the latest version of the game includes a new Valentine's Day playground. The other notable, Another World [$1.99], is now just $1.99 instead of its usual $4.99. We've created the above epic image to mark the occasion of the meeting of these two games within a single blog post. Enjoy!

In all seriousness, both games are imaginative and lovingly rendered on iPhone and iPad. You can read more about Scribblenauts here and Another World here if you'd like, but let us save you a bit of time with this double-fisted spoiler: both games are, like, fantastically buy-it-now good. What are you waiting for, man?

  • http://www.facebook.com/Fi2do Brian Gonzalez

    When is 5th Cell going to allow Scribblenauts worldwide?

  • Anonymous

    Might actually nab Another World now! Still sad I got Scribblenauts... was a huge disappointment - boring every step of the way.

  • Adam Gibson

    I just bought Another World and love it.  Controls work well once you learn them.  I love how the story is playing out so far.

  • ProgPariah77

    "Another World" was pretty cool, but it was unforgiving enough on a PC. The iOS app is even more brutal. I lost patience - and then lost interest - pretty quickly.