There are a ton of Magic: The Gathering utilities on the App Store to assist in playing the card game. I've always been partial to using a combination of TCG Buddy [$4.99] for game tracking and Orcish Librarian [Free] for checking card values. If the thought of dabbling in the third party Magic app market never appealed to you, you're in luck, as Wizards of the Coast just launched Magic: The Gathering Toolbox [Free].

Wizards has already detailed all the features, but it includes life counters, a card search, a deck builder, and even the ability to test your deck to see what a sample hand would look like-- All with full card art. With everything though, there's a catch. Magic: The Gathering Toolbox will initially be free, but as they release new sets of cards being able to access those cards for deck building inside of the app will require "a small fee to update the deck builder with the latest content." No word yet on what that "small fee" will be.

As a Magic player, I'm totally stoked to see Wizards branching out to do a little bit more with the game. Now, Wizards, how about you take a look at the Magic Online client next, eh?

  • Anonymous

    That looks really cool! If they beefed up the Magic Online Client, and made it iPad friendly I'd have no choice but to give them all my money.

    • Marius Dragomir

       Heh, they still have to work on making MTGO , PC friendly. Hard to get started for new players.

  • Heath Newton

    Didn't think anyone on this site played MTGO.  This is Heath from mtgotraders/puremtgo incase your familiar with my site.

    • Cat Astrophy

      Well either MTGO or paper Magic.

    • Tom Gustafson

      Heath!  This is Tom from MTGCast / Monday Night Magic, MTG + iOS is pure joy.  It seems like a nice app overall, and sadly I think my favorite part is a mobile friendly way to read the mothership news articles.

      • Heath Newton

        Hey Tom!  Did you see that WOTC is now forcing all other MTG apps off the market?  Bummer huh?

      • Eli Hodapp

        Whoa, hey Tom. :O

    • Simon Janich

      I played MtGO and – by all Gods – it's horrible. 

      (Not the game – the client...)

  • Huy Ngo

    Definitely need the Magic online client.  I love my physical cards, but I have boxes stacked on boxes in boxes around boxes.  I'd much rather be able to take a tablet to my buddy's place to play.

  • Anonymous

    I have always used the Score Pad app when playing M:TG. I'll give WotC's app a try. Wish it were iPad native, though.

  • Vincent

    Hello. There is actually a beta right now for a new interface for Magic Online (PC). It's under NDA, so you can't find any information about it (other than that there is a beta. You can sign up at wizards). I can tell you that the interface has been much improved though.

  • Steven Stadnicki

    I really want to like this app, but so far I've been a little disappointed with it. As Rothgarr says, the lack of an iPad version (or even a universal binary) is a real issue; to be blunt, the textures and text look _terrible_ scaled up.  Here's a partial list of the issues I've found with it in just a few hours of playing:
    * Minor-but-ugly graphical issues; for instance, the 'Choose Background' option in the life counter app has a selection highlighting box that's half the size of the texture itself.
    * It seems impossible to back out of search until the app has loaded its card db - which it redoes every time it searches - meaning that accidentally tapping the wrong button in the life tracker can lead to a several-second pause before being able to get back to the tracker.
    * The deck editor is almost unusable: Trying to scroll through the database in search takes forever, and rather than simply pausing at the bottom when you scroll past what it's loaded so far, it actually just repeats cards that you've already seen.  And the search itself is actually decoupled from the deck you're trying to add cards to; while adding cards to a deck you have to initially select your deck, then go to the search page to select the card you want, and then select your deck _again_ to choose which deck you want to add the card to.
    * Weird graphic decisions all around; I can understand why they might not want to allow arbitrary backgrounds for the life counter (i.e., letting you look through the set of photos on your phone), but even within the app there are strange choices.  For instance, selecting a card shows you the art from the card, and shows you the text box of the card - but it _doesn't_ show you an actual image of the card; those are apparently only available on the 'sample hand' page.

    Overall, the app just feels like it was rushed out much too early - there's the germ of a good application hiding somewhere in here, but right now it's buried beneath a mire of bugs and polish issues.

  • Anonymous


  • Richenbaum Fotchenstein

    got me all excited. thought they were finally doing an actual Magic game for the pod.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah...that was cheap.

  • Mark Williams

    Has anyone here tried "Decked Builder"? It does everything this does, but better, and has a full iPad version. It costs a few bucks to start, but then you don't have to pay when a new set is released.

  • Fokion Harokopos

    Nice, finally WOTC turning their sights on iOS. Now please, give us an iPad version of Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012. I'll buy it at a high price.


    Wow, the sound design on this is really good. Most apps don't bother to have nice sound, but this is fully featured!

  • Steve H

    I've been very disappointed in WOTC for never offering a mac version of MTG:Online. It's a great way to play in leagues and sealed deck events. But, going further -- the version they have for Windows is such an eye sore that a person wouldn't even want to virtualize it -- I've tried. Even further the XBox version is cumbersome and lacks screen real estate to see what's going on. An iPad version would turn me into an addict again but I don't have my hopes up. Although maybe they would use the framework resulting from the iPhone app as a starting point.

  • Paul Johnson

    I have 4x full sets of every mol card from invasion and 7th edition up until about magic 2010 when I stopped playing. Serious offers to buy full sets to please...

  • Ian Bolton

    I used to play Magic a long time ago, but my interest in TCG was renewed when I found Shadow Era, which is a cross-platform TCG that works on iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android/PC/Mac/Browser.  A lot of Magic players are loving it, so you might too.  It's free BTW. 🙂

  • Adam Charlton

    Why don't they update the MTGO client with a version that works like MTG Plainswalkers 2012? I play it all the time; very intuitive and fluid, unlike the current MTGO client (which is still compatible with windows 2000 which explains how old the base code is).

  • Adam Gibson

    Not available in the app store anymore :/.  When was this removed?

    • MTGLH

      Yeah I've noticed this quite a while ago. I'd say it's been gone for at least a month now. I wonder what's up with that. Anyhow, for now I'm not complaining as my friends and I have developed a life counter which seems to be really picking up 🙂

      As far as I recall the official app did not offer most of the functionality we do - especially for multi-player games and EDH. We actually found a very clever way to track these types of games when the commander damage matrix becomes very complex - we managed to keep it simple and clean. Really useful.

      If you'd like to check us out we're on

  • Steffon Tiberius Haaby

    I am just looking to play games of magic on my iphone. Does any of these applications offer that? If not is there one?