Emotional Robot's FPS, Warm Gun, has received a notable update that aims to fix a lot of what owners have been rightfully grumbling about since the title's release. According to the game's latest patch notes, this update increases performance "across all devices by roughly 40%", which should help a lot of folks with frame rate woes. It also adds in more control schemes, improves the AI and UI, and resolves what Emotional Robot calls "random crashes." Yikes, that's a lot tweaks and fixes for a release game!

There's some content mixed into this update, too -- specifically, an all new map called "Coldshot" has been added to the multiplayer rotation. In celebration of all of this, Warm Gun's price has been dropped to $1.99 until the end of this month. But regardless of price, you definitely want to check in with our forums before diving into this one. You know, just to be safe.

  • michael bluth

    This is a good game but the same problem exists. iOS gamers aren't going to spend the time to sign up for gamespy.

  • Anonymous


  • glenn torres

    the lag issue really FIXED!,, i think they remove dynamic lighting which makes the game lag and but lighting is not soo good as for the past version cause the lighting effects is soo delay,

    i can now play on my ipod touch 4g WELL!,, 

    but still i have encountered PROBLEM like CRASH! on where emotional robots appears at the beggining(RAM ISSUE like on ipod touch and ipad 1, 
    but i have found solution on how can i play it,,

    -first reboot device
    -then open warm gun (if lucky, you will be play it at the first attemp you open it xD)
    -then if crash you will have going to repeat it open 3x to 5x 
    (if 6x still not work try reinstall or restore should really fix it)
    -PLAY NOW!

    - 300 ping on every room, lag every time i walk, it teleports me xD (im from philippines)
    - very few room
    - cannot create a room
    - no friends
    - no effects of TNT on online multiplayer only, single player have effects when i hit TNT
    - BOT on online doesnt respawn, or dont walk, they just stay in their place (not sure)
    - no ranking / level (important so that player will play much on the game)

    i suggest to put more character or if not put 3 choices of set of gun per character

  • http://twitter.com/woodesh matthew wood

    i've personally never played this game, (fps ios. no no) but recently i upgraded my UDK build from September '10 to January '11. the ios title im currently invested in took roughly a 40% increase to its framerate, this is without altering anything.

    • Zach Lehman

      haha the fixes definitely didn't come from the engine updates.  We're on the latest UE3 build and I can guarantee you the 40% increase was purely from us re-writing our own code and optimizing our more than 6000 assets by hand.

      • http://twitter.com/woodesh matthew wood

        did you guys not notice any differences? pre october the engine was running hell of alot slower with the use of any kind of physics. i'm not sure whether you guys will be answering this but what kind of draw call numbers are you guys keeping to? 


    Why are there no servers? I have looked an not one stinking server

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_M2FE2HLRLVENZU6TOGNCLZBRYU Rafael Symoun

    NO SERVER!! this game sucks 

  • Amos Podbilewicz

    It's realy weird I can't get any servers tat people are playing in only bot ones and the bots don't even work in multiplayer..... Are there realy any people playing on it?!?!?