Super Meat Boy creators Team Meat have been critics of iOS devices as well as the App Store itself for quite some time now. If you want to get up to speed, the best place to start would be the Team Meat Blog where Tommy Refenes goes over his GDC rant session, including the Zits n' Giggles pricing drama, and more. Tommy also mentioned, "I have no intentions on doing anything for iPhone or iPad ever...I hate the platforms and I hate the stores." Well, per a recent interview with, Team Meat has changed their tune to "The next game will probably be iPhone. Probably."

…And that's all we know about it currently. I really just hope that whatever their next title happens to be is actually a game and not another App Store troll like Zits n' Giggles. There's some serious talent at work in Team Meat, and I'm really excited to see what they can do with iOS devices.

Oh, and if you haven't yet, consider this your official reminder to download Super Meat Boy. It's available on the Mac, PC, and the digital download area of home consoles. Here's the trailer:

[via PocketGamer]

  • Klas Segeljakt

    PLEASE Super Meat Boy for iPhone would be the best thing to happen this whole year

    • Klas Segeljakt

      The Binding of Isaac would be awesome as well!

      • Klas Segeljakt

        But idk if Apple would approve that one

    • Anonymous

      Not really a great idea. From what I've heard SMB is a really hard game. Not sure how it can be even close to playable with touch controls.

      • Eli Hodapp

        Yeah, Super Meat Boy almost requires a level of precision that the Xbox 360 controller is barely capable of. I cannot imagine it with sloppy virtual controls. Any more than the first few levels would be absolutely impossible.

        I'm assuming this is an entirely new game, as Team Meat doesn't really seem to strike me as looking to port their existing games onto a platform that isn't ideal for them like the iPhone.

      • Anonymous

        You heard correctly. It definitely wouldn't be playable.

    • Simon Janich

      I agree with IMNS: Super Meat Boy on an iPhone would be unplayable. Virtual D-pads and such are simply crap and just wouldn't offer the precision and responsiveness required for SMB.

  • Lee Massheder

    Wow hypocrits, they hate the platform and our store? And now they want to make a game?... Stick to PC games... And make your hundreds of pounds

  • Simon Janich

    I somewhat lost respect for Team Meat after their shoddy port of SMB for the Mac. It's buggy, at times unplayable slow and misses elementary things like decent in-game settings for resolution and controls. What's more: Team Meat's programmer blames these on XCode when he simply wasn't able to and interested in learning to use it (which he admits).

  • J.Shamblin

    I think Apple did the right thing by taking the moral high ground and
    pulling his app. He said so himself that it was a "crap game" and he
    just wanted to see how many people would actually buy it. That alone is enough for me to question his character.

    If he does release an app for the iPhone, I wouldn't expect anything
    great. He doesn't think it's possible to make a decent game using touch
    controls and he doesn't respect anyone who buys his games.

    There are better devs in the app store more deserving.

  • MilesMayhem

    You have to take anything Team Meat says with a grain of salt. They swore up and down that Super Meat Boy would be released on wii, and then pretty much at the last possible second cancelled it. I'm not saying they deliberately lied, but I just have a hard time taking them at their word these days.

  • Taylor Barclay

    I would like Binding of Isaac for sure, but they will definitely not port SMB. It would be treacherous and unplayable without major frustration. I'm surprised at their change of heart and I'm looking forward to what they come out with!

  • Chris Miller

    I refuse to buy anything these douche bags sell. They have zero respect for the people who pay their bills. They also have an ignorant view of iOS and the app store.