After releasing their first iOS game back in mid-December, I got together with Resolve Digital at Macworld to discuss what they have planned for the future of the game. It's called Fathead [99¢], and it's a 2D side-scrolling motorcycle game. This is kind of a tough sell in the App Store, as there are already dozens upon dozens of similar games, but Fathead's distinctive feature is that it's entirely controlled with just one touch. This means it's extremely important to keep tabs on your acceleration as you tackle the terrain, as there's no braking or reversing if you happen to mess up.

This also takes place on one, gigantic, continuous level. There is actually an end to the level, but very few people have reached it so far. Checkpoints spread throughout the level mean you won't have to start from the beginning each time, and the more checkpoints you can cross on one continuous ride without crashing then the more your score multiplier goes up, opening the door for some nice scoring strategy. Fathead really feels less like a normal motorbiking game and more like something akin to Tiny Wings, in that timing and finesse are the keys to playing a lengthy, high scoring game.

As for what's next for Fathead, Resolve Digital has an update coming in just the next few weeks or so that will add 3 new environmental themes to the game, which you can see below. One is based off of the developer's homeland of New Zealand, one is a desert theme, and one is a city at sunset which is loosely based off of San Francisco. I'm told that the new environments won't change the layout of the current level, and are just cosmetic, but it's nice to have some differentiation in the visuals. Also, new levels are a possibility down the line as well, if the success of the game warrants it.

After the new themes come out, another new update is in the works which will add a currency system and two brand new motorcycles to buy. The currency will be stars that you collect during your run, seen in the screen shot at the top of the page, and the two different bikes will each have their own unique attributes to give a different gameplay experience for each one. I didn't get a chance to check out the new vehicles as they aren't quite ready just yet, but I'm looking forward to them as well as the new environments coming in the next couple of updates.

It's hard trying to justify having yet another 2D motorcycle game on my device, but something about Fathead just keeps bringing me back to try and get just a little bit further and increase my score just a bit more. If you aren't totally up to your eyeballs in motorcycle games, then give Fathead a look and keep your eye out for the new updates to hit over the coming months.

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