On this week's episode of The TouchArcade Show, we push through discussions about feral dogs, the Mindfreak, and accents in order to bring you the latest, hottest, and best-est in iOS game news and chit-chat. At the top, we dig into unreleased titles like Adventure Bar Story before we dive into more known quantities, like say, Triple Town. Post-break, we weigh in on heavy stuff like the Zynga vs. NimbleBit, uh, issue, and of course, get to a few of your listener questions.

Oh! We also had a special guest this week: Joseph Leray. If you'd like to give us a listen, go ahead and do so via the links below. Additionally, you could subscribe to our feeds at iTunes and Zune. All the cool kids do the latter.


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  • mickSKS

    Great podcast guys

  • Declan Bowers

    Only one other comment? Disappointing...great podcast, btw.

  • http://www.makemoneyinlife.com James W

    great article, thanks for sharing

  • osman yasin

    Just wondering: when the official TouchArcade is released, will we be able to listen to the podcast within the app itself. It will help me when I'm too lazy to download the podcast on iTunes.

  • http://www.dbf-music.com BVaz

    You guys should release your podcasts through the Stitcher podcast app as well to give us another way to listen, I have switched over to them in lieu of always having to sync with iTunes at home

  • Garrett Granger

    Finally got around to listening to this one yesterday. I was laughing so goddamn hard at "so I'm cleaning the blood off my body and this zombies like 'What's up dude! What are you doing in here?!'"

    Nicely played, sir.