Surprise! RAGE HD [$1.99], id Software's graphically off-the-walls tie-in shooter to RAGE, has been updated with two additional levels in a brand new update that also throws in higher resolution models, video output support, and various other enhancements and bug fixes. The house cleaning additions are free as always, but these levels, Kraken and Aqueduct, come at a cost: $.99, to be exact, via in-app purchase through the in-game Store.

We've spent a few minutes with each and can happily report that they are, indeed, levels that have been added to RAGE HD. One thing we didn't expect, though, is to be floored all over again by this game's look. Goodness, it's gorgeous. Get the same feeling below by glancing at some of the new levels:

  • Linuxuser1

    I'm surprised!

  • drelbs

    Now if I only had enough room on my iPhone to reinstall Rage HD... 🙁

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I have 1.8GB free at the moment and it won't install. How big is this update? What happened to delta updates?

      It's kind of out of control.

    • P Allen

      Had the same issue with about 3gb free then I read about the IAP shop etc they added and decided I didn't want it. The game already used to much space now it's ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    If only I was as interested in the actual game. I am actually interested in this, but thats only because the ios game is a couple of dollars.

  • Anonymous

    I wish they could make a RAGE version, where you can move your self.

  • Anonymous

    I didn't care for this game much.

  • Anonymous

    I downloaded this when it was free a while back. Even for zero dollars I feel ripped off. On-rails shooters were fun in arcades in the 80's and 90's. Not so much now.

    • Anonymous

      Id still say theyre fun. But theyre fun when Im playing with somebody holding a controller in my hands, this isnt that type of on rails experience.