That Epoch [$.99] update that Uppercut Games teased on our show a couple of weeks back is on its way out and will be available at the generous price of $0, while the game itself is celebrating the new update by going on sale for $.99. That's dollars off, y'all -- the usual price is $4.99.

In brief, the update rolls in an "ultra difficulty" mode that introduces harder to kill dudes as well as "trickier enemy variants." It also adds some needed visual tweaks that show off your robot's armor and weaponry and introduces new story content via new in-game pick-ups. Uppercut has updated the game's trailer to reflect all of this, so check it out if you don't dig the word picture we're painting you. Lookin' good!

  • Anonymous

    This is a great game so I'm looking forward to seeing the update (downloading it right now!) I hope they managed to fix the slight lagging issues I sometimes get (iPhone 4) when the action hots up.

  • LappDog

    Updates, price drops and a universal tag? I'm in for a buck. Also it's got lasers.

  • Jeff

    Bought!  Wow, this site had the price drop info before appshopper even had it.

  • Brian Mandeville

    The price was always holding me back, not any more!

  • Simon Finn

    Price wasn't holding me back, the game actually working did. Another UE3 game that won't work on an iPod Touch. Oh well, I'm 0-3 on this now with IB2, that Castlevania type game that came out a couple of weeks ago and now this one. Still, hope those of you that can play it are enjoying it.