Last month developer Mountain Sheep released Ice Rage [99¢], a simple arcade title that looked like ice hockey but played a lot closer to a game of air hockey. It nailed the simple, fast-paced gameplay but fell a bit short in terms of content, offering just one-off quick play matches against the AI or a same-device multiplayer mode. Granted, the multiplayer mode was a stupid amount of fun, especially on the large screen of the iPad, but Ice Rage still lacked that single-player staying power.

Over the weekend, an update was released that looks to improve this situation with a new single-player Tournament Mode. Here you'll take on the 9 opponents in the game one after the other, and their AI increases in difficulty as you progress. Make it through them without dying and you'll square off against Skar, the new boss character you can see in the icon above. Also, a very simplistic stat upgrade system lets you increase your character's speed, power, and technique with each subsequent win.

While the Tournament Mode is cool, it's still pretty thin. Upgrading your player is fun, but only lasts for your current tournament. A persistent profile where you could continue leveling up your player over multiple tournaments would be a neat addition. Still, the new Tournament Mode is a welcome addition, and despite being a bit shallow there's something about it that just keeps me coming back to play some more.

Beyond the Tournament Mode and new Skar character, this update also brings some improvements to the visuals, animation, physics, and menu UI. In other words, some pretty standard, but necessary, update type of stuff. It sounds like Mountain Sheep have even more plans for updating Ice Rage, and this latest update is a step in a good direction. Definitely worth checking out for some simple arcade fun, especially if you have an iPad and someone to play against.

  • Mike

    I don't think a game like this needs to get too much deeper. JUST PLAY SOME HACKEY. C'MAN!

  • Anonymous

    Never has a game needed online multi-player more than this. Make it happen Mountain sheep, perty please!!!

  • Owen Shaw

    I think if they (Mountain Sheep) want people to play this game for any length of time they are going to need unlockables, multiplayer via gamecenter and a few more gameplay additions like fighting.

    • Out5poken

      I played this game on a friends iPad and it had a certain charm about it, however I agree 100% with you, especially regarding online multiplayer!!!  such a missed opportunity and for that reason alone, I will not be purchasing it for my own iDevices.

  • Anonymous

    Ah yes, Mountain Sheep. They made that Minigore dual-stick shooter game that never evolved into anything worth playing more than a couple minutes and had IAP that consisted (essentially) of different skins/character models for your character. This sounds eerily similar: A very basic concept with pretty graphics but shallow gameplay.

  • Mr. Retro Sports

    Missed that they added an additional mode.  I'll take a gander for $0.99 now. 

  • Gabe Sutherland

    well you know it sounds pretty dam fun all you (mountain sheep)

  • anyone

    So, the hard level demands the human try to use the shooter *and* goalie in the same  motion, so when your guy overskates a puck and you need to move your goalie, it's like shooting practice for the computer.  Oh, but the computer needn't be limited to that same rule.  In fact, on the hardest level, if the computer gets anywhere near your guy, the puck is automagically stolen, which is simple to do, considering they skate much faster than the human, even if all power-ups are put toward speed.

    I think I'll save my $0.99 and use it somewhere a little less stress-inducing.