Mole Kart [Free], the world's most blatant Mario Kart clone, is now free for a "limited time," on the App Store according to the game's developer. As we've covered in the past, Mole Kart lacks a lot of Mario Kart's feature set, but what it include, it charges for piece by piece as IAP unlocks. So, when we say free, we mean that pretty loosely; in this case the cover charge is the only price barrier that has been removed.

If anything, now you've got a chance to see just how blatant of a rip-off that Mole Kart is without dropping three bucks beforehand. You could also watch this trailer or read this thread, though, and save yourself some time:

  • Jonathan Lang

    I love this game despite all the hate. I thought it was rubbish at first till I had half an hour with manual drift and touch controls. 

    Awesome game imo. I don't feel bad for Nintendo since they've had a lot of my disposable income over the years ! 

    I guess now my winning times on game centre for Volcano item/speed will be thrashed !
    Enjoy everyone ! Put controls on fourth option and take time to get used to them 😉

  • M

    have gameloft not done a Mario clone yet then? 😀

    • Spencer Green

      Gameloft has Shrek Kart.

  • Mike

    Yeah I don't get the all the hate, like this is new... This happens all the time on the app store. If a developer of a popular game doesn't occupy it's space on the app store, consumers will want something to fill the void. This game doesn't use MK sprites or artwork, from what I can see.

    The first kart racing game on iOS was a blatant Mario Kart rip. Get over it.

    • Bracket McStabby

      The maps appear to be direct copies of Mario Kart Wii maps, with... every model/texture changed a little. But seriously, the map designs themselves are complete copies, as are the powerups, from what I can see in the trailer.

    • William Lee

      If you ever get your work copied/stolen then sold for profit...well I'll be sure to tell you you to get over it.

      I'm sorry but this is far more than just a clone. This is the EXACT same game with a slight reskin. 

  • James Donnellon

    Why did I buy this when it first came out!! *facepalm*

  • Javier Rosa

    They copied everything except the quality!

  • Benjamin Rodriguez

    is sonic all star racing item wise more or less a direct copy also?

    I mean I haven't tried this game yet, as I feel that sonic game is pretty close to mario kart in itself, and it's fairly fun. But I mean I don't see why If it is not completely a clone for clone copy how is it really so bad? I mean the blocks cometh was pretty much an exact clone but this game doesn't really look as an exact clone to me.

  • Michael Matzat

    Why is this even news? The game was overpriced at first, it still is (with all the inApp Purchases)... and it´s not better than other, better and cheaper, card racers.

  • Michael Black

    Lol i downloaded the game just because of the fanboi hate.

    • Michael Launier

      Lol you go out of your way to make yourself feel good about sticking it up to made-up strawmen by doing something that doesn't affect them in any way while completely missing the point. Way to go, champ.

  • Nathan Adams

    Yeah, I don't think the clone accusation is just because it's a cart racer. The tracks in the video look to be blatant rip-offs of Mario Kart tracks, particularly from Mario Kart 64 and Mario Kart Wii.

    • Michael Launier

      Exactly. Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing was obviously largely based on Mario Kart, but it does a damn fine job at doing what it does. Other kart racing games that are clearly inspired by Mario Kart but distance themselves more by doing some things differently like Crash Team Racing, Chocobo Racing and ModNation Racers are certainly not a bad thing, and even that Burger King racing game at least used its own resources. The issue with Mole Kart isn't that it's like Mario Kart, it's that it's a low quality rip-off that actually stole Mario Kart Wii resources directly, particularly the tracks.

  • John

    This sucks, i just bought it too :/

  • Dave Mansueto

    The "Mole Pasture" level even has banners under the finish line that say "Moo Moo Meadows" the real name of the Mario Kart track that is being ripped off. I'd bet this doesn't last too long in the store.

    That said, even if we can't hope for the real thing, I'd love it if Microsoft/Rare could bring a port of Diddy King Racing leaving out the Nintendo licensed characters.

    Imagine how much money Nintendo could make simply by porting over its old NES/SNES games. If the 3ds and the Wii U do as well as the previous generation hardware then there's no chance. But if things play out differently I would assume that Nintendo couldn't afford not to have some iOS strategy.