Way back in April of last year, we caught wind of an interesting looking Kickstarter project called Tweet Land. The idea was that Tweet Land would create randomly generated gameplay events based off of certain keywords sent out over Twitter. So essentially, real people tweeting would power what happened in the game.

It’s a really clever concept on paper, but we were a bit skeptical about how it would pan out in an actual game. Well, it looks like we’ll be able to find out later this month as Tweet Land is set to launch on January 31st.

It sounds like the overall plan for Tweet Land will eventually include different styles of games, but when it launches this month the game will center around controlling a car that's racing down Route 140. As you drive along, tweets from all over the world will trigger events in the game, like a meteor crashing into the road or a giant Godzilla foot stomping down. Your job is to avoid these kinds of hazards and even fight back against them with an array of weapons, which are also generated from tweets.

It’s hard to tell how well this is going to work, but when I think about a game like Scribblenauts Remix [$1.99] with its bank of more than 20,000 words and seemingly infinite possibilities, I’m hopeful. If Tweet Land has even a fraction of the depth that Scribblenauts has then I think it will be a winner. From what the developers have said on their website and on their Twitter, it sounds like the game will have a whole lot of items to generate. Keep your eyes out for Tweet Land when it launches on January 31st for $1.99 with a free lite version to follow sometime after.

  • http://clickplow.com/ John

    This game sounds sweet. I love the idea of using twitter to trigger events in games. Very innovative!

  • Jacob Gehman

    I wonder, then, if an internet connection will be required to play, or if there is a different randomizer for off-line play?

    (Ah, the questions that invade the mind of a person without internet connection at home. Sigh.)

  • http://twitter.com/oooooomonkey Oooooomonkey

    Sounds like the crazy type of game ill buy 🙂

  • Anonymous

    This game looks like an instant buy. I love new ideas like this, and the retro look and sound is perfect.

  • http://twitter.com/jstanfordcarey J. Stanford-Carey

    Seems like fun, I hope they have an event for whenever someone mentions Kanye. The whole game pauses, Ye pops out, "I'm gonna let you finish but Speedhunter was the best arcade racer of all time!"

  • http://twitter.com/BeefeaterDocker Hieronymus P. Clark

    Maybe I'm alone in this and will probably be called a party-pooper, but... I think this is an awfully insensitive idea.

    Receiving a twitter about a real-life accident where people might have died and the game subsequently transforming it into a mere obstacle to bypass, or getting an in-game flood next time my friend in Philippines tweets about his house getting flooded definitely doesn't sound respectful or like something I'd like to play with.