On this week's episode of The TouchArcade show, we power through conversations about beard slaps, our childhood dreams, special effects, and Terminator 2 in order to bring you the latest, hottest, and best in iOS. At the top, we dig into games like Run Roo Run and Star Marine. Later, we get heavy and dive into the iCade mobile, CAVE's poor earnings announcement, and Imagination's latest tech.

I really think this week's episode was one of our best, so you should listen to it. Hit us up via the handy-dandy streaming links below or, hey, subscribe blindly to our iTunes and Zune feed. You'll get our episodes the second that they're live; ADVANTAGE!


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  • Moneyed Kitty [$.99]


  • http://twitter.com/iAngryApp iAngry iPhone App

    Hey, could you please tell me the procedure to submit an app for your review? I want to submit my app "iAngry" -- that makes fun of the people -- on iPhone and iPod touch!!

    • Troy Woodfield

      You can send an email to tips@TouchArcade.com, explaining why your game is different and worthy of a review. You might attach a link to a video and/or screen-shots, plus obviously the App Store link. Promo codes are not essential, but many developers provide these. Good luck!

      If you have other questions about the site, you can use the Site Feedback forum.

  • http://twitter.com/stimu Oliver Delano



  • app symmetry

    Very nice episode... 

  • http://twitter.com/winningfool Cory Engel

    Anyone who reduces their iCade to "particle board and stripped screws" has no one to blame but themself. (Better not shop at IKEA!) The build quality if the original iCade is excellent, providing you aren't doing a gorilla imitation when you assemble it.

  • http://twitter.com/winningfool Cory Engel

    I'm using the original iCade with an iPhone (don't have an iPad YET and couldn't pass up the Bed Bath & Beyond deal). Some games, including the highly touted Atari's Greatest Hits, do not allow use of the iCade with the iPhone (though there's no reason not to). ION Audio's support told me this is just choice of the developer, not a limitation of the iCade or the iPhone hardware.

    Hopefully the new iCades for smaller iOS devices will encourage developers to enable original iCade compatibility with those same devices.

  • Anonymous

    The bearded one's arnie impression was awesome. I can totally see jared as the next terminator in T5!!

    so what if he's a lil fat with a bit too much facial and bodily hair :p

  • Baby Landlord

    The 2012 episodes have seemed pointedly off topic, which has been great! Skyrim, weightlifting, beards and making fun of GameStop employees! Wow I can't believe my iPod just capitalized GameStop like that! Terrifying.