This is cool, guys. Below, you'll get your first look at Beat Sneak Bandit's silhouette mode. There are four of these babies in every chapter, but you can only access them by collecting the "bonus" small clocks scattered about in every level. Developer Simogo is telling us that you'll unlock one for every ten clocks, and that these levels are locked away because they bolster the real challenge of the rhythm meets stealth title.

We aren't the only dudes digging Beat Sneak, by the way. It's up for Best Mobile Game in the IGF awards, and has received honorable mentions in Excellence in Visual Art, as well as Excellence in Audio. Not too shabby, eh? Then again, this is the studio behind Bumpy Road [$2.99]. So awesome.

  • Foofanagle Foofanagle

    wheeeeeeeeeeeen is this releasing? haaaaaaaaaaaate waiting.

    • mr.damien

      I agree, too much tease, kill the tease.

  • Anonymous

    a ah ah this game is exacly the same or even worster than this ...

    • mr.damien

      a ah ah, you apparently don't have a clue about what Beat Sneak Bandit is.
      It's not the same at all.