If you happen to be one of the millions of people who forked out to be a Call of Duty Elite founder because of how cool the thought of changing out your weapon load-outs on the fly on your phone was, here's your chance to finally do it. The Call of Duty Elite App [Free] launched overnight, and even though it's missing a few features, I already like it better than the actual Call of Duty Elite web site. Admittedly, a lot of that has to do with the novelty of the whole thing, but still.

As mentioned in our post yesterday, Activision looks at this as a foundation for things to come later. I hope they eventually include the heat maps functionality, as that's the only thing I use which isn't in the app yet. Regardless, I really am digging these official companion apps, and hope this trend continues.

  • Anonymous

    I bought the Elite subscription in November when I bought MW3, but I totally regret wasting $50 on it.

    I got the Elite subscription to save $10 on the map packs, but after seeing how badly MW3 sucks, I have totally no desire to play the map packs.

    The Call of Duty series clearly is only focused on the money instead of innovating, and the $50 Elite service proves that.