Scribblenauts [$.99] developer 5th Cell isn't one-and-done with iPhone and iPad. This Thursday, actually, will see the release of its second game, a "micro-platformer" called Run Roo Run. It looks remarkably 5th Cell, and according to exclusive details given to Joystiq, it certainly sounds like a game we'll definitely be getting into.

In a nutshell, Run Roo Run is an extremely cutesy and heavily instance-based runner -- think, Canabalt [$.99] but with levels and a kangaroo. The experience is sliced and diced into a series of 420 individual levels that are, also, divided cleanly into chapters that all introduce new obstacles or other new elements, like, items. Each week 5th Cell plans to push 10 more additional levels to the game without the need to update.

One really interesting thing that popped up during the Joystiq interview about Run Roo Run was the subject of its inspiration. The initial idea came from Space is Key, an insanely awesome flash game that you've got to play right now.

[Via Joystiq]

  • Frank Ramirez

    Looks great. Noticed you call the game "Roo Roo Run", but it looks like it's actually called "Run Roo Run"

  • Oooooomonkey

    I hope this launches at 69p as after paying full price at launch for scribblenauts then it dropping to 69p I'll not be falling for that trick again.

  • Vicente Ragal

    Looks great.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like this will be my first purchase of the year. Looks awesome!

  • Matt F

    Something to look for this wednesday night 🙂

  • any-mouse

    Why the hell is everything about Australia these days? SO many games lately are based in Australia and I'm sick of it! Why is it the latest craze? There's nothing there but emus and kangaroos anyway, I don't see what the big fuss is about

    And shame on me for getting mildly excited, I thought this was going to be a neat little platformer but it actually looks like a physics puzzler but instead of a single screen puzzle, the puzzle keeps playing along side scrolling like Mario games.
    I really don't know if that's going to be very enjoyable. Looks like landa panda to me with a few extra objects.

  • princeff

    Will it be limited to US app store or UK or whatever just like Scribblenauts Remix? I really wanted to download Scribblenauts but not appearing on the Appstore. Can you askthe makers if they are planning on releasing this game and Scribblenauts worldwide? Thanks