Hot off the presses of CES comes two new products from ION: A redesigned version of the iCade that drops the surrounding cabinet, as well as a mobile version for the iPhone and iPod touch. Check it out:

ION has yet to release pricing or more specific release dates than "2012" for the redesigned iCade, but the iCade Mobile will hit in Q2 for $100. Hopefully we'll get some hands-on time at CES this week.

Update: Engadget, as noted by MacRumors, has updated their post on the new iCades with hands-on video of the handheld iPhone version, dubbed the iCade Mobile. Also, it looks like the pricing for iCade Mobile was incorrect, and the unit should be launching at $79.99 rather than $100.

Also noticed at the ION booth at CES is a new product called the iCade Jr. The iCade Jr. is similar to the original iCade for the iPad but is a much smaller version that will fit iPhone and iPod touch devices. It retains the faux arcade cabinet design of the original and features 4 buttons on the front deck as well as 4 buttons on the rear panel, as well as a pass-through for charging while in use.

The iCade Jr. unit on display was non-functional, but ION is shooting to have the new unit available this Spring for $49. More photos can be seen at the original Engadget posting.

[via Engadget and MacRumors]

  • Jamie Herrington

    I like the idea behind the ION peripheral, but it still looks a bit gaudy.

  • Gord Lacey

    Hmm.... looks like the iPad can fit horizontally in there as well.

    • Anonymous

      The original has slot to fit iPad horizontally as well - just looks a bit odd due to cabinet styling

  • Anonymous

    i liked the 'cabinet'...

    • gingerbeardman

      Agreed. The new one is no longer a home arcade. It's just another joystick.

  • Kevin Nelson

    Wow, $100 seems like a bit much for a small controller shell. I'm sure it's nice and all, but that is going to be one hell of a tough sell for them. I know I would never pay that much for it.

    • tootiegooch

      Yeah, wow is what I first thought... Even $60, and I might have bitten. Hopefully there isn't a market at the $100 price point and they re-think their strategery...

    • Anonymous

      Bed bath & beyond has them on clearance for$50.

      • Kevin Nelson

        No they don't. The new small controller shell isn't even available yet... -_-

        Everyone already knows about the original iPad iCade being on sale at Bed Bath and Beyond. I even bought one myself last weekend.

      • any-mouse

        I like a man with an attitude! He he.

        Some people like to state the obvious without getting their facts straight
        Clearly everyone who reads TA already knew about BB&B it's not some sort of exclusive hidden secret.

        I might be tempted to get the new shell though..even at $100 alot of good RPGs I refuse to play because of hate the touch screen d pads.. Would be good..
        Wish apps didn't have to have icade support though...I wish apple would release one that just works with every game, then I just need a few emulators and itd be willing to marry my iPhone.

    • Anonymous

      agreed, especially since it uses the bluetooth keyboard setup. Im still waiting for bluetooth 4.0 accessories with real analog sticks

  • Anonymous

    Removing the cabinet loses half the appeal if you ask me.

    • Anonymous

      I mostly agree, although I know it's for no good reason.

      Now if it had some pinball flippers I would be jealous.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed, i was intending on picking one up when I replaced my iPad 1st gen, and just leave it sat there in its arcadey goodness.

      Pretty sure I'll do something else with it now. The new one kinda looks like the sorta thing that ends up behind my TV gathering dust. Rockband instruments, wiimote holders etc etc. More plastic clutter!

      If any handheld joypad was gonna get the support from devs though, it'd be the iCade.

      • Cory Engel

        I don't think there's been any suggestion that the original iCade will go away. You should still be able to get it.

  • Anonymous

    Most saying they like the cabinet. I personally hated it. Yes, I know it has charm and that retro feel we all love, but as far as practicality goes, I like this new design 🙂 I just wish the handheld controller had 1-2 analog sticks...

    • Anonymous

      I dunno... if I really cared about practicality I'd probably skip the iCade altogether, this just looks unstable.

  • Paul Hopper

    The iphone addon looks really sharp, even better of the top has two triggers heh. Agreed on most others comments about icade 2.0, the charm in it was in the grain retro brown box 🙂

  • Jeff

    I got the cabinet from BB&B, and I'm really glad I did. The new design has zero flair.

  • Daryll Todd

    Wow that looks awful! I got the cabinet version for Christmas & love it..glad I didn't wait!

  • Alan Baldwin

    Yeah, this tells me to get the cool one while it lasts.

  • Matt D

    I think the main iCade will remain in sale, since the new one is called "iCade Core". It can be great IF you wanted to mod your iCade (I'm in the middle of modding mine) and wanted to build your cab from scratch, except the controller. Also, of course, if it's 50$/lower than the cab version.

    As for the other iPhone ones... meh, what I like in the iPad is that the screen is 4:3, as many retro games.
    The iCade Jr. with 4 buttons is a mere gadget (can't see my big hands using it), and 4 buttons => very restricted emulators (no SNES, not all MAME: those can require the 8 buttons).

    The Mobile, until I saw the 4 trigger buttons, I had the same opinion. Now, hmmm... could help, but I'd still prefer my current iCade/iPad. Or use it as an external controller for my iPad.

    • Jared Nelson

      The iCade Jr actually has 8 buttons. 4 on the front and 4 on the back. Not sure how well you'll be able to actually use the ones on the back, but at least they're there.

      • Matthieu "Neomatt" Dietrich

        Oh. Well, that's better for one thing: standard controls (I was afraid of "iCade Jr. compatible, not iCade-compatible" apps).

        Still, that's... yeah, I can't see myself play anyting on something so small. It would be a nice office gadget toy to charge your phone, and nothing else.
        And with 4 buttons in the back, I'm now afraid to crush the damn thing. 😀

      • Matthieu "Neomatt" Dietrich

        Oops, wrong account. I'm the same Matt D as above.

      • x999x

        I think its fair to say the back buttons will be utility keys like pause, menu, coin, 1player etc. Aside from Street Fighter on Mame, theres not much out there that will require more than 4 buttons to play on the iCade Jr.

  • Adams Immersive

    I’m glad I got the cabinet-style, but these ones look like fun and will reach more people!

    Now please add iCade support to every iOS pinball game! The bottom two outer buttons would do just fine...

  • Anonymous

    I would buy the iCade Mobile, the Sega Game Gear-looking one, if games like King of Fighters supported it.  I'm not usually bothered by touch screen buttons and control pads unless the game requires a much greater level of precision.  

  • Oooooomonkey

    Ohhh sweet an icade jr will be mine

    • Benjamin Rodriguez

      hah I know. I never was a fan of the icade, although I could see the novelty of it all. But the icade jr just looks to awesome to pass up. Even though I'll never use it :p

  • Jared Nelson

    How could you not want to buy an iCade Jr, that thing is freaking adorable! I will get one for my hamster 

  • Dylanmannen

    do you think the iCade Jr will work with 3GS? realy want one 😀

  • Anonymous

    New design is a bore. Glad I've got the cabinet version. Also the cabinet-less one looks like it would be far less stable, though I suppose they might have a weight in the bottom of it to help with that. i guess people will find out.

    The mobile one is a nice idea, but soooo wide. Looks like it would be a pain to carry around. Unless it collapses to a smaller size.

  • fatscott

    The iCade is a pile of crap for playing the Atari Greatest Hits package.  Only one of the arcade games has a joystick as it's main controller.  The rest of the games use TrakBall controller or spinner, or dual analog sticks.  Trying to play those games with the terrible controls that come with the iCade is a JOKE.  Not even worth $50 to play the Atari pack(which is terrible, even with the touch screen controls).  iLame is probably the only thing that is worth playing on this hunk of junk.   The joystick on the iCade is about as low grade as you can possibly get.  The response is horrible.  

  • Anonymous

    Well I'm glad the mobile one isn't $100 as reported earlier, as $100 for what is essentially a bluetooth keyboard and iPhone case in one is a bit pricey.

    But their strategy seems to have worked. Simple to implement for developers and standard controls across their devices means that more developers will continue to support it.

  • x999x

    iCade Jr. is clearly going to be my desk toy of choice for 2012 🙂 Heck, I might as well use it as a dock while I'm at it 😀

  • Peter

    Did the support list finally grow, or are we still only looking at Atari classics and Super Mega Worm? 

  • Anonymous

    The Mobile looks like an Atari Lynx. Not necessarily a bad thing, especially since with 40 hours of battery life it won't act like one.

    The new iCade without the cabinet is OK by me, so long as they are using high quality QUIET controls. The clickiness of the original cabinet turned me off of buying one, which is remarkable since I'm usually mister retro.

    The Jr. is completely adorable and I want someone to buy one for me. I'm not QUITE to the point where I want to buy it for myself....

    • Cory Engel

      Yeah, the clicks are the one thing I don't like about it, precisely because hearing loud CLICKS are NOT part of my arcade memories.

  • Oooooomonkey

    One thing I've just thought about is, how many games are icade compatible and only use landscape? Because using the icade jr that's all we are going to be able to play.

  • Charles Albert

    Anyone sees any reason at all to not buy the iCade Mobile and instead go for the iControlPad?

    • Nik Sluijs

      Yes. The iControlPad has a universal clamp, so it can be used with any bluetooth phone you might be buying in the future. Plus you can also use it as a controller for your Mac/PC. It's multifunctional, whereas the iCade Mobile seems to work only with the current iPhone and will probably be useless after that.

      • Charles Albert

        yeah, been thinking the same thing, thanks.

  • Charles Albert

    Don't know if it is worth, since there are few games (some hundreds only) that support it, the other justification for this would be emulation, that is inexistent if you rule out jailbreak. For my case (i walk around with an iPod Touch and another smartphone) i think it's better to leave emulation for a device with embedded physical controls, like the Xperia Play.

  • Oooooomonkey

    Sweet just got an email saying the icade jr is set to launch in April.

  • Cory Engel

    Wish I could figure out a way to use my Griffin PowerMate with the iCade.