This week on The TouchArcade Show, the usual crew powers through a hostile host takeover, some New Years Eve discussion, and other offbeat topics in order to bring you the latest and greatest in iOS news, reviews, and TouchArcade business. At the top, we dig into Vlambeer's awesome Super Crate Box. Later, we dive into the wonders of Photo Swap and other awesome games. In the second half, we talk about 60beat's GamePad and address your awesome user questions!

We've set the bar for 2012, so it's only down (or up) from here. Thanks for being awesome in 2011, and feel free to join us again this year. Speaking of that, if you'd like to listen you can do so via the links just below. The cool kids all listen to us on iTunes and Zune Marketplace, though.


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Here are your show notes (with a bonus retraction at the end):



  • Very Hungry Cat [Free]


Retraction: Super Crate Box's controls have been fixed in an update that hit between the time we recorded and the publishing of the podcast!

  • Anonymous

    I tried out PhotoSwap and sent ten pictures out into the ether.

    I got ten pictures in return, none of which were genitals.

    Do I win?

    • Anonymous

      I wish that were my case, I got so many pictures of junk 🙁

  • Marley Listmann

    I like the. New logo on the site, but are you going to change The Touch Arcade show logo?

  • daniel so

    the reason why devs try to "slip" their game in before christmas is because of the christmas effect, where sales can more than triple despite maintaining the same rank in the top grossing chart. In other words, if someone was making 100 dollars a day while maintianing number 10 on the top grossing chart, during the christmas week they'll pull in 300 a day while maintaining the same rank.

    • Eli Hodapp

      There's 100 spots where people can make money on the App Store. During the Christmas rush EA has a monopoly on 90% of those chart positions.

      • daniel so

        that's a bit of an exaggeration i think. This year the christmas charts were surprisingly diverse, mostly due to the large number of f2p games making a .99 sale less effective. 

        Also, even if you drop down to the top 200 you're still making a significant amount of money. From the US only you'll still be in the thousands, plus you have to factor in worldwide sales.

      • Eli Hodapp

        Regardless, it's silly to think you can release a no-name indie game that week and get anywhere. Look up iDamaged on AppAnnie.