Zeboyd Games radical 16-bit parody RPG, Chtulhu Saves the World, is coming to mobile devices this year. And sooner than you'd think. On Twitter, lead designer Robert Boyd says the studio held this announcement until work was almost finished, and he expects the game to hit at some point this quarter. Nice guy!

Meaningful details, like, how this version will control, if it'll include any extras, or its price point aren't being discussed at this time. A note on the game's blog does say that more information is coming in the next few weeks, but since we're so nosey we've reached out to Zeboyd for more anyway.

If you've played Breath of Fire or an old-school Final Fantasy, you'll be able to get your head around Cthulhu's systems and mechanics pretty quickly. The awareness of what genre its in, the sharp improvements it makes, and the humor is what makes it pretty great. Here's hoping the mobile ports rock just as hard.

  • Fabiano Morais

    Yes! Very good news indeed!

  • http://twitter.com/pjmoreno PJ Moreno

    Oh Yeah!!! Finally I'll be able to play this little bugger!!!

  • http://twitter.com/starksimon Stark

    Woohoo! Awesome! 😀

  • Anonymous

    This is an awesome Xbox 360 game. Already beat it so I won't be getting it for iOS, but nice to know it's coming in handheld form