Hey, Shadowgun [$2.99] now has more content via an update. Madfinger has added an "expansion" to the overall package that directly follows the events in the core game. Overall, this new expansion contains a total of four new levels, as well as new little visual tweaks, a new gun, new collectibles, and a new enemy type. All for free, of course.

The update this was rolled in with also includes some fresh improvements for the same price: free. According to Madfinger, Shadowgun now sports improved "effects," like, say, bullet trails and camera shakes. You can now also roll and apparently face freshly tuned enemies with freshly tuned guns courtesy of this thing, too.

We weren't so hot on Shadowgun and this update doesn't really change that viewpoint, but we're pretty stoked for the pre-existing fans. This is the kind of update they wanted, and they totally got it.

  • Anonymous

    Does this expansion make the game fun?  I doubt that!

  • http://twitter.com/M3RCENARIE Denilson A. Campbell

    what ever happened to that multiplayer they promised

  • Anonymous

    Gyro aiming would make it more fun. And immersive. And better. And faster.

  • danijel korov

    I dont know whats wrong with you, the game is perfect! Bether then than that stupit fruit ninja, zombi vile and all that children craps. i didnt remove it from day one, and keep playing it. Whats wrong with you people???

  • http://twitter.com/corleno Surakshith Battina

    lol...You guys, always trollin' on Shadowgun....Its actually  a pretty good game 🙂

    • Sang Kim

      I stopped reading TA reviews a LONG time ago. The review staff's composition is of casual gamers, those who have probably never experienced real gaming.

      If you want some real reviews, check out user impressions on the forums. MUCH much more reliable. 

      • Bryan Mitchell

        "Only gaming like I game is legitimate." 

        Don't be daft.

      • Sang Kim

        I think you meant, "Only games that I like are good," or something along those lines.

        And no, I didn't say that, so I don't know how you managed to misquote me. 

        What I'm trying to say is that TA reviewers' judgements are very poor in terms of actually reviewing games. 

        Misquoting me and then calling me foolish is kind of idiotic too, anyway.

      • http://twitter.com/lizdavies liz davies

        I don't know if I've ever disagreed with a TA comment more than this one. Without writing a dissertation into gaming, I think you should consider a few things before posting such drivel going forward:

        1) Gaming, like music, is an inherently subjective experience. Every game reaches a person differently. TA reviewers have the task of writing essays explaining their overall impressions of a game and then assigning an arbitrary star grade based on those impressions. It's not an easy task, and not everyone will agree. But, as the legions of people who frequent this web site will attest to, their reviews are often within a very close range of what the majority of gamers would feel about a game if they like that game's genre. I make that qualification because, while I'm a person who wouldnt be caught dead playing Spy Mouse, a lot of people enjoy such experiences. TA does a great job summarizing and applying grades as best they can. Just because you don't agree most of the time doesn't mean you can apply your preferences to the next guy who also doesnt agree with 1 game review.

        2) Your assertion about "casual" gaming and how it would affect reviews on here is, in a word, laughable. This is especially true in light of you quasi-defending this game, which any true gamer would tell you is basically a piece of crap on the shoe of console and desktop shooting games. iOS just does not stack up in this genre at all, and when comparing iOS shooters to the others, a fair comparison wouldn't give any of these games over 2-3 stars.

        With that said, to each their own, and if the forums do it for you, so be it. But no need to poison the well for others, we can all draw our own conclusions.

      • http://twitter.com/aagold3 Aaron G

        That comment above was from me. My girlfriend isn't quite as passionate about TA or iOS gaming. She will be one day, though. And, man, Disqus is killing me right now.

      • Sang Kim

        The funniest part of your post is that you're doing the same thing. 

        Stop poisoning the well. K thanks.

      • http://profiles.google.com/rekzkarz Ari Krawitz

        Sorry, I've seen great reviews of stupid games I'd never play (or would buy based on a great review & then hate) and sleepy reviews of games I quite enjoy.

        So I'm sorta in agreement with the comment.

        What's better -- Jetpack Joyride, KODP, or Hunters?  See, these are all really different. 

        Plus KDOP was hailed as a great game, while I find it to suck the big one.


  • http://twitter.com/aagold3 Aaron G

    That comment above was from me. My girlfriend isn't quite as passionate about TA or iOS gaming. She will be one day though.