Surprise! Grand Theft Auto 3, which saw a release this December 14 at $4.99, is now just $2.99 in celebration of the holidays. If you were one of those day-one guys saying he'd wait until a price drop before taking the plunge... well, here you go.

This is part of a larger Rockstar holiday sale, by the way. Until the after New Years, you can also grab the studio's decidedly more mobile-friendly Grand Theft Auto joint, Chinatown Wars, at $5.99 instead of its usual $9.99. Beaterator, a music creation game, is also on sale. It's now $1.99 rather than its everyday $2.99. Deals!

Since Grand Theft Auto 3 is so fresh and all, swing by our review if you're on the fence. Spoiler: it's GTA 3 -- a fun, exciting open-world game that brimming with all the things we take for granted in a GTA -- but with virtual controls.

  • Brandon Godbout

    just bought this yesterday too... ugh
    none the less fun game. ipad2/4s needs cloud support

    • Mike

      Yeah, it's worth the five bucks anyways. I remember paying forty bucks for it back in the day.

    • Tenacious V

      Nah, cloud support if you like nazi big business getting into your privacy. Screw that. Keep sucking off Job's corpse or move to North Korea since you hate privacy so much.

      • Anonymous

        Meeeeerry Christmas!

      • Anonymous

        Paranoia is never a laughing matter. Treatment should be sought.

        PS. Well done for invoking the law of Godwin at just post 3 in a thread.

  • Anti-Archonist

    $5 in 2011 would have been less than $4 in 2001 when the game was released. If you just bought this yesterday, the initial 'doh!' kinda sucks, but really's it's only $2. $1.57 in 2001 money by the way. It's worth $5 and definitely worth $3. I bought it last week and I'm not even concerned that it's $2 less. $2 people! Next time you order three or four beers at the bar, just know that for the same price you could've gotten a 12-pack. Oh how I wish attitudes would just change regarding the app store. If only to kill off 'freemium'

  • Logan Mendelsohn



  • Anonymous

    Chinawars is a joke. It's overpriced and it sucks when con

    • Tenacious V

      That GTA III is such an old game and is still selling for $3 is laughable. Mac fanbois...lulz...

      • Anonymous

        You obviously know nothing about gaming. $3 for an old game is a) cheap by anyones standard and b) cheap by a lot of older game standards.

  • Anonymous

    Don't feel bad because $3 feels expensive. Just keep working hard and you'll be able to afford it one day.

  • Laszlo Tuss

    Both game is awesome, but they need iCloud ...