Final Fantasy Tactics [$11.99] on iPhone and iPod Touch has inspired numerous, uh, passionate e-commentaries since its release earlier this year. One of the components we've seen the most bickering about has been addressed: Tactics' latest update zeroes in on the port's decidedly unspectacular visuals on retina devices and supports the screen.

To be clear, the text is still tiny on iPhone 4S, for example, but it's apparently much less blurry overall. Also, the UI is noticeably sharper, and various assets like facial graphics and icons have been updated to mesh with the retina support. This update also rolls in some nebulous "bug fixes."

Off-topic, here, but we definitely want to note that Tactics is available at the lowest price it has ever been since its August release: as of December 19, it's $11.99 instead of $15.99. Still steep in comparison to other App Store games, but better.

If you already own the game and choose to update, note that you'll lose your auto-save data in the process because, reasons.

  • Brendan Charles

    Any iPad support yet? Any other news is irrelephant.

    • Rob Howard

      Irrelephant? Is that like some kind of extinct elephant? A Mammoth perhaps?

      • Brad Nicholson

        I happen to like irrelephants. But, nah, seriously -- an HD version is slated to hit at some point in 2012. Square Enix isn't fond of the whole Universal thing.

      • Brendan Charles

        Their first projection was fall 2011. It will be interesting to see when if ever they get the HD version out.

      • Anonymous

        With RetinaPad on the iPad it looks really nice - 100x better than it did before the retina update

      • Anonymous

        I'm sure when they do, people will find something else to complain about.

      • Anonymous

        I logged in just to say how much I luv luv luv irrelephants.
        Also,. WTH on Square-Enix. How does such a large developer of game software manage so much SUCK when it comes to handling this port of one of their prestige titles.

  • Cat Astrophy

    You'll lose auto-save data because SE fails hard at ports.

  • Arthur Hogemann

    uhnn ... weird ... I updated mine and my saves still good o0. The texts and icons are much better now, seems to me that the image of the characters went into an remodelation too, like an anti-aliasing filter. I still enjoy  the game, I can't help myself 😀

  • Muskie

    I saw there was a big update.  Maybe it is finally playable on the iPhone now.  I gave up due to the menus and the inability to skip ahead on story sections.  I had to restart so many times.  Not enthusiastic about wasting more time on this, but it is still on my phone.

  • Bridget

    I love the part where 11.99 is apparantly a "new low price!!!11" for this.   Even more reason why I just loathe Square:  They're one of the very few devs/publishers sufficiently full of themselves to price games that high on the App Store.   Not to mention it's for something that's just a port...

    • Stéphane Lachance

      11.99 is a fine price for a game. What might be the issue is that for that price, you expect a near-perfect port with full Universal support.

    • Anonymous

      I don't fault Square for this, tho as a customer of course I would like to pay as little as possible.
      Developers want to protect the value of their long as the overall market will accept their pricing they will roll with this model. Handheld games just two years ago afterall were $30.
      As an observer as opposed to a customer, I am constantly shocked by how low EA prices their software...I don't fully understand this strategy (Deadspace for 99 cents, many games FREE).
      What a long way we have already come @_@

  • Mathieu Perreault

    Anyone can tell me if the game run OK on IPad and if graphics are good since now Retina is there. My guess is that we will never see the HD version. Here why i think so...

    Latest patch was about...
    - Retina Display support.
    - Various assets such as facial graphics and icons to accompany in the increased resolution have been recreated.
    - Other minor bug fixes.

    Plus in the coming patch -->
    - Higher resolution unit character graphics.
    Without saying that they removed the mention that an IPAD version is coming in the resume of the game on Itunes... Sounds like the Ipad version is no more..
    with all this - the game once upscaled on IPad should be OK - my guess

    Any insight on this!


    • Chris Nielsen

      My insight - it looks like garbage in 2x mode on the iPad.  Probably my fault for forgetting that you can't view retina games at full res on the iPad (unless you jailbreak and run retinapad, of course) but it's times like these I really wish we had the option to "return" games.

      • Mathieu Perreault

        Thanks for the info - yeah a 15 min refund policy would be great for time like these

  • opa lixo

    I really wanna buy this game, so what do you guys think, buy now or wait for one  unconfirmed possible iPad version?

  • Anonymous

    Why would they sell it at $12 when the PSP version is $10 and is a better port?