Cut The Rope [$.99 / HD] is now infinitely better for those of us with an iPad and an iPhone or iPod Touch. Just before the App Store freeze, the talented hands over at ZeptoLab has added iCloud support to the creative physics-based puzzler. That means, of course, that you can now sync your saves across all of your devices, ensuring that you never miss a beat.

This latest update also adds in your usual "optimizations and fixes," and rolls in a new Buzz Box featuring rope-moving Bees. Oh! And Zepto has also re-ordered some of the game's level boxes "to ensure a better playing experience," according to the game's update notes. Nice guys, these Zepto guys.

  • Brett Watson

    A lot of blogs have been reporting this today, but the iCloud support does *NOT* appear to sync between standard and HD versions of the app.  So, if you play on your iPhone and you also play the standard version in x2 mode on your iPad, the game progress will sync.  However, if you play standard version on your iPhone and the separate HD version on your iPad, that game data will not sync.

    • Brad Nicholson

      It syncs for us between iPad 2 (HD) and iPhone 4S (standard). 

      • Lance Evans

        I'm having a problem with the Original Cut the Rope now since the last iCloud update. 

        First problem is that in the game it shows I haven't completed the Valentine Box yet, but in Game Center it shows me having 126,390 points.  Under the achievements it does show I've completed it along with the three stars achievement. 

        Second problem is that I have also completed Toy Box in the game but in Game Center it only shows 22,070, when I actually have three stars on every level.  It shows the achievements here as well.  

        Any idea what's going on here or how to fix it?   Please help if you can. 

      • kevin donovan

        Are you sure? this a the reply I received from clickgamer when I asked if the 2 versions synced

        '' Thank you for contacting us.Unfortunatly Cut the Rope standard and Cut the RopeHD are classed as different games and thereforefor example if you had Cut the RopeHD on a iPad it would not sync the saves with Cut the Rope oniPhone.Sorry for any inconvenience caused.Kind regards, David ''

        icloud syncing seems next to useless if you can't sync across iphone/ipad versions. The game should have been universal all along anyway just as cut the rope holiday gift is.

      • Brad Nicholson

        Absolutely sure. We've done a sync several times.

      • Laszlo Tuss

        Separate apps can use on apps iCould sync. Like The Creeps/ HD/ HE.

        But anyway, who the hell buy that crap Cut The rope HD is you already have the normal, it has nothing extra !

  • kevin donovan

    strange reply I received from clickgamer then.

  • Mark Peters

    Doesn't sync for me for HD in the iPad and standard on the 4S..