Our all-seeing eye is fond of artistically gifted games, and Catch the Princess is the latest to be caught in its steely gaze. Imagine, if you will, a side-scrolling puzzle game that tries to capture all the essence of rustic fairy tale imagery, and then pairs that with deliciously crafted Cut The Rope-style play. That's the pitch for Catch the Princess in brief, and we're thinking this is something you'll want to look out for, too.

As you'll see in the reveal trailer, Catch the Princess is dark and gloomy in all the right ways, and appears to have the mechanical might to match its inspired tone and art direction. The game launches next week for the iPhone and iPad and will boast around 60 levels filled with rusty chains, bellows, soft lighting, and princess-saving action. Get your eyeballs on these screens:

In case you wanted to know, this is being crafted by Robots and Pencils, an outfit based in Calgary. If you're big into Minecraft World Explorer [$.99], then you already know these guys. We've been told that we'll be hearing a lot more about this studio in the near future, and provided Catch the Princess rocks, we'll pair some ears with our eye. Somehow.

  • http://twitter.com/davidbhowe David B Howe

    Looks really good - very (dare I say) polished looking.  That said, it really seems too close to Cut the Rope for my taste.  I am not a fan of being different for the sake of being different, but it just doesn't seem like the game innovates very much at this point. There's nothing wrong with creating a clone that looks great and plays really well (it'll likely sell decently well, provided the audience for this "genre" is strong enough, and I think it is).  I just feel like a team that clearly has the passion and capabilities to pull something like this off should certainly have the creativity to try something more unique and fresh.

    If I'm missing something, please let me know...  the art direction is certainly a refreshing take, but the gameplay seems more of the same.

  • http://twitter.com/jamornh Jamorn Horathai

    I don't know... I feel like this is just a direct rip off of cut the rope with a new skin. Plus, the new skin isn't as polished as that of cut the rope. I agree with David on this one...

  • http://twitter.com/killingmichael Michael J. Sikorsky

    David and Jamorn:
    First thanks for taking the time to comment.  I'm one of the developers of the game, so, I have an obvious bias. 

    Indeed, you do use your finger to draw and slice.  Much like in Fruit Ninja, Cut The Rope, etc, etc... we think this is a great mechanic to build a fun game.  There are similarities, but a great chocolate chip cookie is a great chocolate chip cookie.  We don't think people are ever upset with a great cookie.

    However, this is chocolate chip cookie with lots of twists.  I can't say if you'll like them  but I can say you'll be surprised by the new ingredients we used.

    Please reach out to me and I'll send you promocodes when it goes live, and would love to hear your feedback after playing it.


  • Anonymous

    Definitely looks a lot like a cut the rope rip off, from the video i do not see any new "ingredients" i just see the same things, (like the rope that attaches when in the vicinity of it, and the things that let you blow air to move the candy or princess) If there were new ingredients your video should feature these and not the ones we have already seen, I will definitely be interested to see peoples reactions to this game.