Back in late October we posted an update on Elite Systems' coming Elite Collection (iPhone) and Elite Collection HD (iPad) apps, which will offer a bundled collection of classic Commodore 8-bit home computer games, as well as an in-app game store for purchasing additional singles and bundled arrangements of games. At that time, Elite indicated that these applications would be delayed due to a trademark complication. We're now happy to report the studio has informed us that the titles will land in the App Store on Friday, December 16th, and at a one-week promotional launch price of $0.99 each. [ UPDATE: Apologies to readers in our overlooking the fact that the stated release date does not apply to the Americas. These titles will see release there in mid-to-late January. ]

As we detailed earlier in October, the Elite Collection apps will come bundled with the following titles:

In addition, at launch, there will be 16 more titles available for purchase through the in-app game store. We will provide full details of everything that's available, as well as a closer look at the collection itself, when the apps land this weekend.

But, for now, know that some of the particular stand-outs include:

Elite mentions, in their release, that they are committed to improving and furthering the apps in the months ahead, as well as adding to the titles available in the in-app game store. A few of the titles they name as planned / hopeful additions are Archon II: Adept, Stunt Car Racer, Mercenary: Escape from Targ, and M.U.L.E. At the time of the October delay announcement, The Bards Tale (I, II & III), Wasteland, Dragon Wars, and Neuromancer were also named as titles likely to become available through the Elite Collection.

Many of the titles in the coming Elite Collection apps are also being released as stand-alone games. Their most recent round of releases consisted of Denaris, Paradroid, and Alternate Reality: The Dungeon. All of the Elite Collection games feature the studio's customizable "iDaptive" control system, and iCade support is said to be on the way.

Elite Systems also offers the ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection for the iPhone as well as the iPad, which are collections of ZX Spectrum games along with an associated in-app game store.

  • Werner Ruotsalainen

    Glad to hear about Archon II: Adept, particularly now that manomio's C64 emulator (local thread: ) still doesn't have it (at least officially - you can, of course, "hack" it under it).

    Along with iCade compatibility, I really hope they also add multiplayer (promised for the  manomio C64 emulator) and keeping a  global (!) high scores chart for the built-in games. (It works just great with manomio's app, apart from some problems now and then - see e.g. )

    I really hope the individual Elite titles also receive iCade support. Purchased their Paradroid post some days ago (see ). It still doesn't have iCade support.

    BTW, for C64 / retro freaks, I really recommend checking out this new (Finnish, with English subs) TV program: )

    • MasviL

      Manomio already supports iCade, as declared on 30 november on their home page.

      • Werner Ruotsalainen

        Sure I know (my iControlPad + Manomio C64 emulator video has even been frontpaged here at TA). I've talked about Elite's implementing iCade support and brought up Manomio as a good example of supporting the controller.

  • John Usher

    Wow that kind of intro price for some classic retro gaming, I'll be picking this up on release.

  • drelbs

    Good news!

    Last word from their we page said out this month except for the US...

    Boy has this been an expensive month!

  • Anonymous

    Too bad they're not separating the app from the bundles.  I.E. make the app free, and then sell the games separately.  I have no use for any of the initial ones, so won't buy it, but would love to get my hands on the rpg's down the line (bard's tales/etc), will probably forget about the app by that time.

    • drelbs

      The original app will be on sale for a buck initially, right?

      Alternatively - they've made their ZX Collection free a few times (much later) you could always wishlist it and come back when there's more games to buy. Plus I'm thinking the IAP is also limited time on sale, meaning that if you wanted any of the initial sets if IAP you'd be saving money buying it now...

  • Anonymous

    Cool Retro games I'll have to give em a try!

  • Phil Baxter

    I don't understand how this is supposed to work. So there are a load of bundles, then in app purchases within each bundle app? So can you just buy one bundle then buy the games from the other bundles entirely as in-app purchases? Or do different bundles, have different in-app purchase options?

    It's a confusing mess, presumably intentionally. They should have just released a single master app then made everything buy-able from a single in-app store.

    • Werner Ruotsalainen

      Some of their titles can be separately purchased as a stand-alone app. An example is Paradroid, which has been available for at least a month but will also be offered as an IAP.

      I hope they release all the "big" titles as a separate purchase and that they receive future updates (e.g., iCade support) just like the IAP-based compilations. (I've never liked IAP because of the disappearing originals and the - comparative - complexity of backing up / restoring the IAP purchases using iExplorer / Phone Disk.)

    • drelbs

      Just like their ZX Collection app, there will be some IAP for game bundles and some IAP for single "hit" games.  In their other app the IAP singles often include extras like cheats.

      I do prefer the "Master App" approach, but the individual apps are good for those who don't like/trust IAP. I'd rather have one icon.

  • Anonymous

    Jet Set Willy or bust!

  • Anonymous

    Different company, I know, but I have been wanting Pitfall on my iPhone/iPad for years.

    • Werner Ruotsalainen

      The C64 version doesn't seem to be much different from the Atari 2600 original ( ). Ask the Manomio folks to add the game to the C64 emulator. (Or, if they are not allowed to do it, hack it yourself into the emulator.)

  • TODD

    At one point, it was said that they were going to release the game "M.U.L.E."  What happened to that?  Does anyone know if M.U.L.E. going to be release by these guys?