If you've been wanting some additional control functionality in Space Tripper [$3.99], you got just that in the game's latest update. This morning, the crew behind the free-roaming shoot 'em up added in tilt calibration alongside "relative" touch controls, which let you touch the screen and move around your ship with momentum-heavy flicks.

Developer Luke Ryan let us behind the curtain a bit. He was initially worried that this new scheme wouldn't work, but then he realized "we could just add momentum so that you can flick the ship the same way you would flick a scroll menu." Ryan adds that he thinks this works "surprisingly well," and our forums are back that up.

In addition to this, a new Easy Mode has been integrated into the experience, giving users more lives to work with and no level restarts after death. If you want it less intense, give it a spin. Heck, give the game a spin in general. It's pretty good.

  • app symmetry

    yes, LOVE this game. It ended up making #1 on my favorites of the year list before this touch control/easy mode update - but now that I can play it in the car and laying in bed - it's just gotten even more play time outta me. It amazes me how fantastic this game is, and yet it's not really getting much love in the US AppStore (14 ratings?!?!?) Pretty upsetting considering how mind blowingly great the game is... how much content it has, how long the developers actually worked on the game... really hope this update helps with sales and in getting this amazing title more attention. 

  • Adams Immersive

    I like the idea of making easy mode have the exact same game play, yet reduced death consequences and less need to go back and replay things you already passed.