My Xbox Live and Dragon Shout have been welcome surprises for Xbox Live or Skyrim users, respectively. Judging by looks and promise alone, we imagine that Halo Waypoint is going to be huge for Halo and Live fans.

On December 10 the slick-looking companion app will see a release across the App Store, Android, and Windows Phone 7. It'll, of course, usher in all the Halo Reach-specific stat-tracking, service details, challenge, and map functionality that a Reach person could want, but it will also include a fun real-time twist to all of this.

Assisted Tactical Assault System is a "companion experience" built into Waypoint that will, essentially, act as a sort of multiplayer GPS. With ATLAS, you'll be able to track weapon and vehicle spawn locations, health pack locations, engagements, teammates, and yourself in near real-time. It'll also spit out weapon loadout information for players, as well as current team scores. This is crazy!

We're not sure what it'll be like to fist a controller and phone while actually playing a game of Reach at the same time, but ATLAS sure does sound like that next-level official companion piece we've been waiting for, so we'll definitely be giving it a spin tomorrow. It's also of note that the app will connect people to the game's web site, which we're guessing is where a lot of this magic will actually be happening.

Halo Waypoint will debut at $4.99 for Android and iOS, and free on Windows Phone 7. Microsoft and 343 have a pretty expansive FAQ and post on the app, if you want some hardcore specific details and technical information.

  • Anonymous

    Nice. No interest in paying for stat services, but companion apps that interact with the game on some level is exactly what we should be seeing (the Batman map should automatically check off my collected items, for example, although I know Live makes that kind of thing hard/impossible).

    Although it does remind me of how awesome the WiiU should be.

  • DwayneW

    I would love it if they did something like this for Team Fortress 2, which would be awesome especially since pretty soon, you'll be able to run TF2 on an iDevice (as well as Halo).

  • Schuyler

    Put a Halo GAME on iOS and I'll give you 5 bucks for it. This... not so much.

  • Anonymous

    Shame about the price, but the realtime map features have tempted me to buy.

  • Anonymous

    really pleased they've released this for iOS and Android, heard about it on windows phone a while ago. Didn't expect a release for us non tiled folks.

    I'll pick this up, even if i don't have time to play anything halo related with Skyrim sat in my xbox 😀