12 Indie Apps for Christmas still has a few more weeks to clock before it ends, but the latest report on what the program has managed to raise in the little time that it's been up and running is impressive. According to Indie Game Mag, the collective of developers have raised over $1500 dollars to give to its two charities: Doctors Without Borders and Child's Play. That's hip!

In case you missed it this week, 12 Indie Apps For Christmas is kinda like the Humble Indie Bundle. The bottom-line is that twelve developers are teaming up together and giving away 25 percent of each individual sale of one of their App Store games, post Apple cut, to charity through December. Neat idea, right?

The official rundown is still available on the collective's site, and the twelve games list can be seen here in our original post.

[Via Indie Game Mag, via @GavinBowman]

  • Romain Griffith

    Is it already over?! Would have been nice to hear about this sooner, I love giving my money to these sorts of causes :[

    EDIT: Woops, just reread the beginning. Still can't find where to buy it though D; The site is less than helpful in pointing me in the right direction

    • http://twitter.com/nattylux Natalia Luckyanova

      It's not over! We're donating the proceeds from the whole month of December, so check it out!

      • Romain Griffith

        Ah I see, when it was compared to humble bundle I assumed it worked the same way, where you choose an amount to donate and get a whole bundle of apps. I'll definitely be picking some of these up though :]

  • Anonymous

    Aah! I have been eyeing that Sword of Fargoal, while famished for Nethacky adventure long enough for now. Now that its for good purpose I cannot avoid it anymore. Here you are kids.

  • http://twitter.com/Alanfalcon Alanfalcon

    Velocispider, Trainyard, and Tilt to Live are three must-own games. No better time to start owning them than now!