Fans of the excellent Battlezone-like Vector Tanks and Vector Tanks Extreme titles will be excited to hear that Black Powder Media has taken the baton from original developer Peter Hirschberg and is creating the next installment in the Vector Tanks series, Vector Tanks 3, on iOS. Larger in scope, Vector Tanks 3 will try to introduce competitive local multiplayer to the franchise, as well as "bold new graphics," new vehicles, and configurations. One problem: it needs funding, and the creators are crowd-sourcing that via Kickstarter.

Some of its goals might change based on hitting different levels of funding. The best example of this is in the multiplayer arena. Depending on the cash received, the team might or might not be able to incorporate world wide, Internet multiplayer. Or consider platforms like the PC or XBLA.

If this project succeeds, chances are that we'll see more Vector Tanks in the future. On the game's funding page, it's mentioned that this is just one chapter of up to seven in the series, all following the adventures of Vic Vector.

We're huge fans of the first two Vector Tanks games, so we'd love to be able to get our hands on Vector Tanks 3 at some point in the future. Extreme, in particular, was a sharp, focused, and really well-executed iteration that amped up the action in glorious ways. If the trend of bigger and better continues with each new game, Vector Tanks 3 could be really special.

  • Anonymous

    Signed up. The $25 level includes copies of the iOS and Mac versions.

  • Matt J

    Heh, I built my iOS game from scratch with worldwide internet multiplayer with a $0 budget.

  • Scott Barrett

    Thank you so much for this mention, Brad!  Peter is a great friend and we're happy to include the things that fans were asking for (demanding!).  As a passion project, the kickstarter page will likely determine whether VT3 makes it to market.  We urge everyone to spread the word and donate what they can.  We are players and fans of this game excited to be part of it.

  • Naomi Lee

    Vector Tanks is bamf man, perfect game to spend some quality time. Multiplayer would be awesome.  Pledged!

  • Scott Barrett

    I'd love to see your game, Matt.  post a link!