One of our several iPad Game of the Year contenders, Anomaly Warzone Earth HD [$1.99], just got a great update and another price drop. The headlining addition in version 1.2 is iCloud support. Starting now, your save games are pushed to the cloud and can be retrieved on any device with the game and rocking iOS 5. 11 Bit has also continued on its incremental visual update spree, too. Multi-sample anti-aliasing, post-processing, and extra details on clouds and dirt have been added, as well as red outlines for enemy towers.

Regular non-Universal Anomaly Warzone Earth [$.99] has also received a price-slashing. It's now $.99 instead of the usual $1.99. The HD version, which as you have observed already hopefully, is now sitting at $1.99 instead of the usual $3.99. If you haven't read our review and don't either version of this game, do yourself a favor and check it out. It's an impressive game that's worth your time.

  • Laszlo Tuss

    After the first disappointment, they first add the Universality, then iPad2 enhancement and now iCloud!

    So now i fully satisfied with this awesome game and i take back what i said before!

    Awesome game, do not hesitate to buy this!

    • Hampus

      What disappointment? The HD version was universal to begin with.

  • Lewis Watt

    Shame I had to turn my iCloud backups off because Infinity Blade kept resetting. Hopefully it will be fixed soon though.

    Brilliant game with a high level of polish that I found fresher than other tower defence games.

    • Hampus

      The save syncing is part of Document & Data syncing not backup, I don't use iCloud backup as I backup to my computer instead but I still use Documents & Data sync and it works for me.
      But you might just have mixed the terms so that might not be of much help.

      • Lewis Watt

        Thanks, I meant I had to turn the documents and data sync cause I think there is a bug in Infinity Blade. The rest of iCloud is still on.

  • Anonymous

    The Incident got iCloud support, too!

  • Saulo Benigno

    New maps and levels? Nowhere to be found...