That Infinity Blade 2 [$6.99] fix? It's out. Earlier last week, droves of users with fourth gen iPod Touches and first generation iPads were reporting nasty crash issues with Epic and Chair's stellar follow-up. Epic was quick to say, "Hey, we're going to fix this thing" and it appears as though the duo has with version 1.01., if reports from our message board are a good indication.

Unfortunately, there's still some rare bugs out there that this update hasn't squashed. Some of our readers are still having problems with frame rate and game transitions in a post-patch environment, while others are still reporting a dreadful-sounding save file glitch that consistently resets progress when the game is restarted. We're all pretty confident that, again, Epic and Chair are really interested in hammering out an update for these things in short order, but we're checking in to make sure.

Regardless, if you or a loved one is having any of these issues (or another), feel free to check out the game's message board thread. There's a couple of solutions in there that seem to be working out for those having problems.

UPDATE: Chair shot us this statement about the upcoming update:

"We are working to resolve an issue impacting some users who are running Infinity Blade 2 on iPad 1 and iPod touch 4 devices. We have already released one update to address some of the issues and another is on the way. We will continue working through this until its resolved."

  • Cameron Whitehouse

    I and a bunch of friends who own Infinity Blade II are still experiencing the save game bug.  All of us have started the game, made progress, and lost it all multiple times.  We feel like we can't play or enjoy the game until this is fixed and we know we won't keep losing the game saves and in-app purchases.

    • Peter Ragozzino

      Are you guys using it n 2 devices because the game has been deleting game saves synced in iCloud it happend to me, I logged into a different game center account n my phone so it doesn't happen again.

  • grain12

     "while others are still reporting a dreadful-sounding save file glitch that consistently resets progress when the game is restarted"
    I got this (at least temporarily) fixed with deactivating the iCloud Sync for "data & documents".

    Hope that helps some guys enjoying this great game!

  • Anonymous

    Alright an update! Wait, where did my game go? Ya I lost it as soon as I did this update. Isn't that exactly what this update was supposed to fix? How is it that nobody who reviewed this game (including other sites) had any bugs like this but now everybody and their mom is losing their saved game? There's pretty much no point to owning this app right now. I'm none too happy about it.

  • Jeff

    Does Infinity Blade 2 support iCloud game saves?  Was curious if I could sync saves between my iPhone and iPad.

    • Brian Gonzalez


  • Laszlo Tuss

    Still crash... if they could fix the  IB2, then they need to fix the frist one...

  • DotComCTO

    ...and this still crashes on my iPad 1. I get that Epic didn't test with a large number of apps already installed, but seriously, what did they expect from people with 64 GB devices?!?! At least I know why IB 1 & 2 don't work on my iPad 1, but this is extremely frustrating. So, I guess the "solution" is that I should delete as many apps as I can until IB 1 & 2 work? Me = not happy.

    • Hampus

      Do you have any other iDevice? Preferably newer and stronger like an iPhone 4?
      I couldn't get it to run on my iPad at first either, but after a played for a short while on my iPhone 4 and the save game got synced over it started working on the iPad, could be a coincidence but with the amount of times I tried launching the game and restarting the iPad before playing on the iPhone it seems pretty unlikely.

      • DotComCTO

        Aside from my iPad 1, I have a 4S now, and my wife has an iPad 2 and a 4S (I'm waiting for iPad 3 in 2012).

      • Snafoo

        iPad 1 is faster than iPhone 4...

  • Jiri Fiala

    Nah, still no go on iPad 1 with 5.0.1. Is 90 apps too much? Doubt it.

    • DotComCTO

      Hey! Thanks for that app count. I have quite a few on my 64GB iPad 1, and I have no plans to eliminate apps just to play a game. Now that I see you're down to just 90 apps and it *still* doesn't run, I know that there's no way I'm going to get under whatever limit Epic thinks is right. 

      • Anonymous

        I'm running ipod touch 4th generation 64gb model with OS 5.0.1 and was getting the title screen crashes same with loading maps crash on the new black ops zombies. I cut back to 178 removable apps (14 non game aka facebook / netflix) and the game runs. Not only that, black ops zombies maps are now loading fine. I trimmed bout 80 game apps. itunes has me at 4.6gb audio / 3.7gb video / 1.07gb photo / 29.7gb apps / .70gb other / 18.4gb free. I hope this help people out.

      • Anonymous

        I ran a few issues getting back into Infinity blade 2 so I trimmed a 5 more apps and other then the save glitch it works and I could bounce out and back in. Black ops zombie on the other hand I got into the tutorial once and hasn't worked since.

  • Noah

    The update installs... but won't leave the list of updates available. *shrug*

  • Zachary Wolfe

    I'm on an iPod Touch 5.0 with only about 15 apps installed, only 8gb device. It still crashes every time I try to start it up after this update...

  • Ethan Purdy

    Game still crashes for me ipod tough 4g, newest version of ios

    • Anonymous

      Weird. 1.0 worked just fine for me after a couple reboots, and the
      update seems to have provided better framerates and less choppiness in
      some animations. This is on an iPod touch 4g iOS 5.0

  • x999x

    The slash hint marks during a combo stay on screen when I use heavy weapons. Not sure if other weapon classes have the same problem, but this is pretty annoying during high level fights with difficult objectives.

  • AJ Echeverria

    Epic must be paying reviewers to love this game, because they are sing praises about it without ever mentioning any of the problems.

    Even now, touch arcade says things are fixed and there is are "rare" bugs, yet everyone I know, and everywhere I read, there is talk of continued problems, not to mention the fact that you lose your saved game after several hours of play.

    Now I just deleted it since there is no point in playing a game you will lose later on. To me that is just about the worst possible "bug" you can have

  • Tannor Breitigam

    My saved data was "erased" too. But here's what worked for me: Go to settings>iCloud>storage & backup>manage storage>infinity blade 2 save files. Delete the new file just created by the game when it started over. (It should be the second file, or just the smaller one) Go to the multitasking tray and quit Infinity Blade 2. Launch Infinity Blade 2 again. The opening video will play again. Fast forward. If it's working, this time you should notice that you have all your weapons and gear back. Fight the first enemy, let him beat you, and then select the option to start a new rebirth. If done correctly, you should have your old game back. Hope this helps!

    • Snafoo

      Thanks man, you just saved my save 😀

  • Renaldas Zioma

    Just one TA quote I remember from another game review: "I've learned to deal with a lot of technical issues with games in the past, but the one I have no tolerance for is a deleted save game." (

  • scott slomiany

    To be honest, Ive found that game review sites specifically targetted at ios games have a tendency to give ios game a lot of slack. But I think we're finally seeing the culmination of ne of the downfalls of download only gaming...memory limits.

    Really, I've always suspected that the whole weapons grind play style of IB wasnt some amazing stroke of genius, but in reality a way to make a "bigger" game of the assets. And I think IB2 is bearing this out.

  • Diego Quiroga

    I was reading the official explanation, that the ipad has to cache all the icons of all the aplications, so I put 6 pages worth of apps inside folders, one per page, and now im slashing away!

    Please confirm if it worked for you, just put all your apps inside one folder for each page, I left some 40 apps outside folders, If it is that simple (if a little bit cumbersome), is worth it until they came with the update!!

    • Laszlo Tuss

      creepy, but actually it works, now, after a half year waiting, now i can play IB again.
      now i can play multiplayer.
      But IB2 and CoD:BOZ is still crashing all the time!

  • Brian Pereyra

    its not just infinity blade II, but infinity blade I. both of them completely crash on me, and after closing out the application, my games don't save. 

  • Anonymous

    Even without these bugs, I'm still not interested in this game.

    This game has great graphics, but it has really basic gameplay. I like games that have several different things to do, but with this game, all you're doing is swyping.

  • Jason Moorman

    What a ripoff!
    They sell you a game you can't save in.

    I wasn't even aware of this problem until today when I updated.
    I load up the game and boom... I'm at the intro cutscene.
    So their "fix" only breaks non-glitched saves.

    How infuriating...

  • alexander.aidan.wilson

    I spent money to get the money IN-GAME. And then the save data glitch pushes it back and i don't get a refund. This is messed up. I hope if Epic releases another update my old data will come back.