Deals! In the coming weeks, we'll presumably be posting about a billion different sales as developers and publishers scramble to capitalize on Christmas fever. We're sure that EA will be involved in more than one of these posts, but it's getting a jump on everyone by offering games on the yuletide cheap right now.

Allow us to introduce you to EA mobile's Daily Deals. It's a promotion that, as its name spoils, offers different iOS and Android games on the cheap every day -- until January, at least. Now, for example, you can save fifty percent on in-app purchases of Fantasy Safari's [Free] currency or download Shift 2 Unleashed for iPad and iPhone for $0. That's hip, right? Hit up the Daily Deals web site here to stay in the loop as it hacks at prices of more stuff through the month.

  • coderrific

    gotta love holiday freebees and discounts.  just posted on coderrific that AppShopper is a cool APP that keeps track of new and discounted games on the App Store.

  • Paul Downs

    Not currently available in the UK.  I searched the UK store for nfs 2 unleashed and it's still showing at 1.99 and 2.99 for iphone/ipad respectively.

    • chamuscao

      Can you buy NFS Shift 1 for free?
      Here (Spain) the only free NFS is Shift, but Shift 2, as you said, it's still 2.39 €

      • Paul Downs

        I don't know to be honest as I actually own the first ones. 😛

  • Laszlo Tuss

    Who the hell needs an EA game? even for free....
    (expect Firemint and Popcap games and some from Chillingo)

  • Anonymous

    Thats some quite fair offer, nothing for me, and nothing for EA.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, just keep killing indie devs, it's not like they are the ones making the "real" games, right? Everybody jump on EA bandwagon now as they did so much for gaming scene on iOS.. /rant over 😉

  • Dalie

    Just tried NFS Shift on the iPad. Needless to say, I'm glad it was free, as I would never spend a cent on it. Real Racing series is where it's at.

    • Anonymous


  • Charles Albert

    Sale? This is the value they should have. Most of those EA games are crap.

  • Angel Mehta

    The average consumer also has access to these deals. They think very highly of them too.