Disney Mobile's fairly well-received puzzle game, Where's My Water [$.99], has received another big content update. This latest chapter, which is available now for $0, adds a new steam mechanic, more collectibles, and a total of 20 new puzzles. With this added into the overall level tally, the game can safely boast 120 different levels.

Let's focus on that steam mechanic for a second since it ties into the chapter's name, the "Boiling Point." In the chapter's puzzles, you'll guide water into hot things, which converts the liquid into a gaseous cloud. Steam eats away at very specific pieces of a puzzle's environment, revealing opportunities to keep the game's Rube Golberg-ian action moving and Swampy the Alligator happy.

Here's the new trailer:

Eli Note: Just as I was about to unleash this story to the wild, I discovered that Where's My Water is the latest game to be available for free via Apple's crazy Facebook promo code promotion. You might remember this from when we did the legendary 9,999 Alarm Freebie Alert for Halfbrick's Jetpack Joyride [99¢]. This works the same way, either mash this link or the image below, follow the instructions, and claim your free copy of Where's My Water.

Seriously, jump on it.

  • Esteban Vargas

    can someone write some codes? please