The Bard's Tale originally began as a trilogy of hardcore dungeon crawling RPGs released in the mid-80s for desktop computers and gaming consoles. In 2004, InXile Entertainment created a new The Bard's Tale for Playstation 2, Xbox, and PC. This game was related to the original series in name only, and featured 3D action-adventure gameplay rather than first-person dungeon crawling.

The Bard's Tale didn't take itself too seriously, and poked fun at all sorts of RPG and fantasy clichés, many of which were present in the original games in the series. For its humor and storytelling, The Bard's Tale is a fondly remembered adventure from the previous console generation.

And, we've now learned that this adventure is making its way to the iOS platform. The Bard's Tale on iOS will feature all of the content of the 2004 release, as well as iOS exclusive leaderboards and achievements. It will also have an in-app purchase system that will let you deck out your character with some sweet gear, but everything available here will also be available to earn through normal gameplay. The IAP is just for the impatient folk.

We're eager to get our hands on The Bard's Tale to see just how well the game translates to the touch screen platform. It's currently submitted to Apple, so if all goes well it will be launching soon. We'll let you know once we get a firm launch date or pricing info for The Bard's Tale on iOS.

  • Dave Neumann

    Screw this, where's the original BT for iOS?

  • Anonymous

    This was the definition of a mediocre RPG. 

    • Anonymous

      No it wasn't and no it isn't. 

      To the untrained eye it might remind a bit those mediocre Baldurs Gate -spin offs, but this concentrated really hard into story and character design, rather than grinding. Thats SUPER-non-mediocre even today! On the contrary to those other definitions of mediocre...ness, this game invested heavily into lessening the burden of all the mundane, boring and unnecessary grinding.

      I love how the good and proper games(as in un-casual, non-mini games) starts slowly trickle into mobile game market. Even if we are still mostly having 5 years old left overs. But anything is better than what we are currently having; these are 700$ machines after all. Having at least something available besides 0,99$ apps is a blessing and high five for that!

      Its not technically perfect game, and not all of its game play elements are quite as successful as I hoped, but the writing in it is high quality fun, which is everlasting and to some people that is even more important than graphics(that too, are still very much ok for mobile game).

      Cannot wait this, and even less I can wait seeing those gems, that I missed.

      Bring it on!!! I want more!!!

  • Ryan Perkins

    I like Cary Elwes and this game looks brilliant. I've been looking for a good Diablo like that isn't a KRPG port or a Gameloft game. It got some pretty good reviews on metacritic as well.

  • Curtis Shideler

    Looks like a fair romp to me. Having gone through a few rpg's, this one looks like it'll give me a little more humor than most, and that will probably keep it on my phone longer than many others!

  • asdfhj zxxvb

    Looks awesome, what devices will it support?

    • Jared Nelson

      3rd gen and up.

  • Voivod281

    This was fun on the PS2, and it uses the same engine as Champions of Norrath and Baldur's Gate Dark Allaince (both of which are superior games). I will definitely buy this especially if it's universal. Unless they totally mess up the controls or something. These type of games are like a comfort blanket for me. They don't require a lot of thinking, and they're familiar and relaxing. Can't wait.

  • Thom Denick

    The gameplay is fairly mediocre, but it makes fun of it's own mediocrity, and it's actually funny.  This came out of the PS2 Dark Alliance craze, and it shares that style of Action RPG gameplay.  Even with the mediocre gameplay, it's miles beyond Dungeon Hunter and any other diablo clones currently in the store.

  • Laszlo Tuss

    I missed it on X-Box, but now i cant wait to download it for my iPad!!!!!
    Cant WAIT!

  • Voivod281

    The PS2 version was pretty decent, not nearly as good good as Champions of Norrath or Dark Alliance, which use the same engine, but still worth playing. I will definitely be picking this up, especially if it's universal. Unless they totally ruin the controls or something. 

  • David Markowitz

    Sweeeet.  I got this for my brother on xbox but never got to play it myself (he lives on the other side of the country).  I LOVED the web site for the game - it was awesome.  The original Bard's Tale was one of my favorite RPGs - I realize this isn't quite the same, but looking forward to playing this nonetheless.

  • Anonymous

    Loved this game and nothing beats the Ego Sword.

  • Frank Quickmix Hassas

    Yes...instant Buy for me .)

  • Anonymous

    Wow, this might be the game to finally make me buy an iPad.

  • Anonymous

    enjoyed the 2004 version on PC, but definitely not going to waste time/money playing it again on a tablet.

    the ORIGINALS however i would.

  • P Allen

    Lost me at in app purchases. Nothing personal I'm just completely sick of them.

  • Steve T

    What utter rubbish, if you're bringing back The Bards Tale we want a game like BT 1-3 not like the crappy arcadey clone.  Thats NOT TBT, thats just riding on its name.  pah, rubbish.

  • Benjamin Rodriguez

    I thought it was a funny game. Definately nothing amazing, but to play it on iOS would be great.