Chair Entertainment's mucho-celebrated and super popular hack-and-slash RPG, Infinity Blade, is on sale right now for $2.99. We're not sure if it's on the cheap because of Black Friday, Thanksgiving or the latest surge of mentions courtesy Infinity Blade 2 coverage, but hey, that's not what's important here. The fact that it's three dollars cheaper and also an awesome game seems like the jucier material at the moment.

We're pretty sure 99 percent of you know, own, and probably dig Infinity Blade, so for you one percent-ers out there? Do yourself a favor: buy this game. Also, keep your heads on a swivel because Infinity Blade 2 is almost here. The follow-up is due out on December 1 and will carry a $6.99 price tag, which is the first game's usual price plus one. So far, it seems fantastic.

Check out the new video:

  • Paul Hopper

    I wonder if the evolving enviroments evolve over the course of the story or if its an evolution from bloodline to bloodline... very cool either way. 2 weeks is torture, I would of loved this game during thanksgiving. Ahh well.

  • Frogatto Developers

    Man does that look sweet.

  • Briker Ed

    Blah-blah graphics blah-blah light shafts blah blah blown away by visuals blah blah BLAH! Big deal.... The first Infinity Blade was beautiful as well but the game got stale very fast just cause of the "on-rail movement". Always the same paths and same panoramic views. Repetition otherwise, hack&slash+buying gear worked ok, it was dynamic enough with difficulty progression and gear hoarding to keep you interested, but the biggest killer was the constricted movement and we're going to be just as constricted as before. The evolving backgrounds are a nice touch but I see it more as a cheap way to keep it fresh past expiration date. The whole "renaissance of gaming" comment sounds a bit arrogant, imo....

    • Pony

      Let's just wait for the game to come out and see what happens, yes? It seems that everything has been done to address the biggest issues of the previous installment next to adding nice new flair to boot.

      • Briker Ed

        Everything except the freedom of movement, cause for that one we don't have to wait actually, since they confirmed they're keeping it or rails. With more paths to chose from, but on rails none the less.

        Now, I gotta be fair and say that they probably have to do so with the current rich visuals till a new 3d engine is developed that's better optimized to run smoothly on iOS with the same visual quality. Within these limitations - the game works well. The real "renaissance" however would be if they managed to pull off the freedom of movement with the current Unreal engine AND offer an engaging gameplay (a build up on the first IB, which we have to wait and see how it is, as you have said). My biggest irk is their predominant focus on the visuals, and at least for me, the graphics were never really that important in the general picture (game mechanics, story, fun(?)). Yes, it's pretty, but it's neither the prettiest I've played nor the most stylistically appealing game. You eventually get past the "wow" and the "omg" and you're left with things you can tinker & play with. Admittedly, I was blown away the first few times I ran through the first IB, but very soon after the graphics had nothing to do with my enjoyment or frustration with it. I'm sorry if I bored everyone with the whole graphics issue I have regarding IB but I just can't view it as something rather cheesy, those statements, in an age when visual beauty in games is found everywhere and is attainable by even the smallest of indie developers (3d or otherwise). Perhaps not on iOS untill now, but it's not like they invented hot water. Kudos to Chair for pulling it off, though. Let's see them evolve it past the "growing tree" type of thing.

      • Anonymous

        I think a little perspective is in order and people really seem to loose that quickly. For all intents iOS is a mobile phone platform with all the inherent limitations hardware, app size and price there in. 

        I would also love to see a full Diablo III running on my iPhone or iPad but that is not going to happen yet. Chair is living within the constraints it has and trying to push them as much as it can in a direction that it and most gamers are happy with currently. I'm sure in another 2 or 3 generations of iOS devices we will get to that full fledged game.

      • Briker Ed

        I do agree with that. I also think it's possible to have a full fledged games on current iOS devices, and I think we already have them (some more successful than others), the difference being, they'd have to sacrifice some of the visuals as a compromise. 

        For example, the Nintendo's Wii (or any other console/handheld) is also limited as it is, but that hasn't prevented developers making some fun pieces of software for it, which also looks good. Perhaps not as stunning as IB, but not shabby at all. They had to cut corners and compromise with a different visual style altogether and/or lower res textures and lower polygon count but they managed to create some memorable games on all counts. And that's limiting it to 3d games only.

        For what Chair is trying to do with the Unreal engine on iOS, yes, they pretty much locked themselves within the rail-movement. That's all fair. If you liked the first IB a lot, you'll probably going to enjoy the second one as well, with even more beautiful visuals. I'm just speaking for myself when I say that I wouldn't at all mind if they downgraded the graphics in a "smart" way in favour of expanding the gameplay even further from where they say they're going to take us with IB2. But again, that's just me.... If IB titles are -this- then I guess I'll have to take them for what they are and enjoy better visual effects while exploring the newly added gameplay mechanic, even if only for a while.

      • cowgba

        I don't have an Xbox let alone a Kinect, but think about how cool Infinity Blade 3 would be on Kinect. Just let players use the controller for moving around environments and interacting with stuff (puzzles? basic platforming? etc.) and then when you approach an enemy go into a one-on-one fight like the ones in the game now (although hopefully with more dynamic enemy attacks), put down the controller, stand up and start waving your arms around. Make it happen ChAIR!

  • Anonymous

    This reminds me of the days when Bungie was a Mac only developer and was producing top notch games first and only for Mac OS. It's really nice to see Chair, doing the same with Infinity Blade and really showcasing what iOS can do in the hands of great game makers.

    • Pony

      At least you seem to get it. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    If only it had some adventure added into its on rails structure. The fighting system is ok, and the graphics are fantastic, but the on rails movement is wasting those festive graphics into mundane Punchout clone with childrens board game structure.

    No matter how much they talk about "inter active art experience"(which is fancy way of telling that they have cut a lot of corners), its still a simple brawler and reducing the players choice by limiting his basic game play possibilities also makes the story uninteresting.

  • Anonymous

    How does the gameplay of Infinity Blade compare to Dark Meadow? I grabbed Dark Meadow yesterday for $0.99 - it was on sale for an hour and a half 🙂

  • Kelly Freeman

    Dude it's very disappointing. I have infinity blad on my iPad and i have reached level 120 so I know this game very well. But look at this video, all those enermies are actually same as infinity blad 1, the only different is the appearance. The the movement, the attack, the pose, all same as infinity blad 1. And even the main character looks same as infinity blade 1. Well, I don't want to spend another bunch of bucks for just different skin and environment. I need new element other than dumb thing like "tree will grow up".

  • Austin Riddle

    I've never seen a "hero" walk soooooooo slow, and in ever single screen too!

  • eonicman

    Do most games that work with video mirroring on the AppleTV switch the mobile device’s screen to be all controller?  Also are the developers taking advantage of iMessage and FaceTime yet within games?  Just curious.